Wil Trent Season 3 Cast and Character Guide


The cast of Will Trent has worked hard solving cases and bettering themselves, and the title character, Will Trent, had a rough year.

The main cast has remained mostly the same since the procedural began in January 2023.

While Will Trent was an instant hit, Season 2 was even better. The series explored the backstories of each main character, giving the series a twist, especially since the younger versions of Will, Angie, and Amanda were so realistic.

The talented cast makes us cry, smile, and laugh each new season as we root for them.

This cast is unique because some have been friends for years, which shows in their on-screen connections.

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Meet the Will Trent Season 3 cast and characters.

Ramon Rodriguez ( Will Trent)

Will Trent is the main character of the series and a special agent of the GBI. He’s dyslexic, and his neurodivergent tendencies allow him to approach cases differently.

Will grew up in the Atlanta foster care system, where he was ridiculed and abused.

During Season 2, the series explored Will’s childhood roots, unblocking some traumatic memories and his Puerto Rican history.

Rodriguez appreciated that because he was from Puerto Rico, so it was remarkable to tap into some of that culture.

He especially liked that the series taped part of an episode in Puerto Rico when Will visited Uncle Antonio.

Rodriguez began acting in 2005. Like many actors, he’s appeared on Law & Order: SVU. He also appeared as John Bosley in the 2011 ABC reboot of Charlie’s Angels.

He’s best known for portraying Leo Spitz in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Bakuto in the Marvel series Iron Fist and The Defenders on Netflix.

Erika Christensen( Angie Polaski)

Erika Christensen plays Angie Polaski, a detective at the APD and Will’s on-again, off-again love interest. They grew up together in foster care and bonded over similar traumatic experiences.

Christensen mentioned that she and Rodriguez have known each other for over 15 years, making scenes more comfortable.

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After the Season 2 cliffhanger, it’s challenging to predict Angie’s role on the canvas, except that she’s not leaving. The executive producers are excited to see Angie do something different.

We’re unsure if she’ll be solving cases or spiraling and becoming an addict again, but Christensen can handle the material.

Christensen has an extensive acting career. Her significant role was playing Caroline Wakefield, Michael Douglas’s teenage daughter, in Traffic. For that role, she won an MTV Movie Award for a Breakthrough Female Performance.

Christensen is best known for portraying Julia Braverman on NBC’s Parenthood for six years. She’s had a few roles since then, but Will Trent is her first leading role.

Christensen and Sam Jaeger worked together in 2019 on Bootstraps music video of “Whenever You’re Around.”

Christensen supported many charities and was honored at the 2023 MediNova NY 11th Gala, which raised healthcare funds for Haiti’s communities.

Iantha Richardson (Faith Mitchell)

Iantha Richardson portrays Faith Mitchell, Will’s partner at the GBI.

Over the last two years, their partnership has evolved into a genuine friendship.

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Faith became a single mom as a teenager, and they explored her relationship with her son, Jeremy. 

Richardson hopes they’ll explore her relationship with her ex, Charles, and their family dynamics more deeply next season.

Richardson’s passion is dance. She is an American Ballet-certified instructor trained in modern techniques.

She initially taught dance in NYC but now teaches at Everybody Dance LA, where she teaches dance to low-income youth.

Richardson’s dance experience proved helpful when she played Tessa Lorraine, a classicly trained ballerina who was now a Soul Train dance teacher on American Soul.

She also appeared on Good Trouble and as Adult Tess on NBC’s This is Us.

Sonja Sohn (Amanda Wagner)

Sonja Sohn plays Amanda Wagner, the GBI Director.

Her role isn’t a typical boss.

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Amanda Wagner was always a badass, but it wasn’t until Will Trent Season 2 Episode 5, which was Amanda-centric, that she peeled away some of those layers and let her co-workers and viewers understand her motivations through her past.

Her story was essential for other female cops to tell.

Sohn started her acting career by getting noticed at an open mic poetry night.

The producer of the film Slam noticed her, offered her the female lead and even used her poem in the movie.

From 2002 to 2008, she played Det. Kima Greggs on HBO’s The Wire in one of the most emotional roles.

Since then, she has appeared on several TV shows, including Body of Proof, The Chi, and Star Trek: Discovery.

Jake McLaughlin (Det Michael Ormewood)

Jake McLaughlin plays Det. Michael Ormewood, Angie’s partner at the APD.

Many things will change for him, considering Angie was just arrested, and his wife announced she wants a divorce and custody of the children.

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Season 3 will take Michael on an even bigger emotional roller coaster.

McLaughlin was in the United States Army before becoming an actor. Some of his experience became useful in his early films and his military background playing Michael Ormewood on Will Trent.

Mclaughlin’s best-known roles include Tate on Believe and Ryan Booth on Quantico.

Bluebell (Betty)

Bluebell plays Will’s adorable Chihuahua, Betty, that Will rescues, and everyone becomes quickly enamored with.

Rodriguez has formed a genuine bond with the dog and has commented that Bluebell remembered him when they began filming Season 2.

She’s become an integral part of the series, and the fans love her.

Professional dog trainer April Macken has worked with Bluebell since 2018.

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She was one of five dogs to play Wink in Disney’s Cruella in 2021.

What Recurring Characters May Appear in Will Trent Season 3?

With Angie’s case center stage, APD Captain Heller (Todd Allen Durkin) and her mentor Franklin (Kevin Daniels) will probably make some appearances.

We’ll probably see Nico (Cora Lu Tran), Betty’s caretaker and Will’s houseguest in several episodes. They’ve become like family.

I’d expect to see Michael’s children, Max (Owen Trumbley) and Cooper (Jophielle Love).

The producers stated they were impressed that the children have meatier storylines and that they’ll be involved if Michael is involved in a custody battle.

Over to you, Will Trent Fanatics.

Who has become your favorite character?

Let us know in the comments.

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