When Calls the Heart Season 11 Episode 8 Review: Brother’s Keeper


Sometimes, we crave another chance, while we run away from it other times.

 On When Calls the Heart Season 11 Episode 8, Tom Thornton attempted to make amends to those from whom J.B. Sweeney had conned money, and Joseph and Jacob Canfield settled a 20-year-long grudge.

Rosemary and Bill also met with Clayton Pike to clarify his name.

Even though the NYC police arrested J.B. Sweened and recovered the money that Ned wired them, Tom could still be charged as an accessory to fraud unless he paid back the money he owed Benson Hills and Jameson.

Tom was willing to take responsibility, but everyone stood behind, most of all Nathan and Elizabeth.

They formulated a plan to host their own choir festival with neighboring towns and collect donations.

Everyone was on board. The problem was Rosemary was so excited that she spilled the beans to Mayor Hickman, who wanted Tom arrested immediately.

Maisy: Constable Grant, I want this man arrested for theft.
Nathan: I don’t think that’s necessary.
Elizabeth: We’re going to raise the money to pay you back.
Maisy: And if you don’t?
Nathan: Then you can press charges.
Elizabeth: Nathan, you’re not actually going put Tom in jail, are you?
Nathan: Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Everyone but Maisy wanted to give Tom the benefit of the doubt. In some ways, that made Tom feel worse.

He was reminded that his older brother was more like a saint and he was the screw-up that everyone had to bail out of trouble. 

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Everyone loved the choir festival though, from Ned and Florence’s duet to the group acts.

That feeling intensified when Maisy returned since they only raised $200, to try and arrest him again. This time, Lucas intervened instead, but having someone save him repeatedly had to affect his self-esteem.

Nevertheless, Faith still seemed interested, so hopefully will remain in town and start a new life there.

There wasn’t a ton of movement with Elizabeth and Nathan, but there were a few cute moments.

Jack seemed to be getting more familiar with Nathan, and it was adorable how Nathan handed Jack money to buy a candied apple before Elizabeth could react.

Tom’s conversations with Nathan and Elizabeth were also meaningful. He’s like a nosy little brother who had to give his opinion about her dating life.

That slow dance at the end really said it all. They’re not afraid to be romantic in public.

It was refreshing to see the Canfields get their own arc this season. It’s been amusing to see Angela and Cooper take Joseph’s advice to get along better with their sibling and apply it to his own situation with his estranged brother.

As mentioned in the When Calls the Heart Season 11 Episode 8 Spoilers, long-time grudges are the hardest to overcome, especially if the other person doesn’t know what they did wrong.

That was the situation with Joseph and Jacob. They each missed their brother, but neither wanted to swallow their pride.

Jacob refused to stay unless Joseph apologized, but Joseph didn’t understand what he’d done to upset his brother.

Minnie and Henry were used as peacemakers for the brothers. In some ways, Minnie seemed more sympathetic to Jacob, especially when she learned he hadn’t sung in a choir or attended church in 20 years.

Henry also urged Joseph to repair his relationship with Jacob reminding him that the only thing that mattered was Jacob was hurt by something Joseph did.

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Joseph had more influence over his younger brother than he realized since they did everything together when their grandparents’ raised them, and Jacob had a difficult time when their grandfather died.

Joseph never realized that they stopped singing together when he met Minnie and that Jacob felt abandoned.

It made sense why Jacob never revealed the entire truth to Minnie since he seemed fond of her. He even said he would’ve enjoyed singing with both of them.

Leave it to Minnie to work her magic. She spotted Jacob in the audience in the festival audience and invited him to sing with them.

“Amazing Grace” was such a fitting song since it fit the theme of redemption.

After 20 years, the brothers finally looked closer than ever. Maybe we’ll see Jacob again.

Rosemary and Bill’s investigative team-up has been enjoyable, but Bill needs more to do. Rosemary consistently took the lead, and Bill was better than the second fiddle.

Despite their efforts, Clayton Pike wouldn’t budge. He seemed terrified of his blackmailer and fearful for his mother’s life.

Tell us who hired you, Mr. Pike. Maybe we can help.


It almost seemed that Rosemary’s insistence could have put Lucas in more danger.

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Clayton: If I tell you, I’m a dead man.
Lucas: If you don’t, am I?

Now that they know this man has spies everywhere, will Rosemary and Bill stop this investigation? Not likely, but it makes us concerned for Lucas since Edwin keeps pushing Montague/

I had hoped that Lucas’s plan to involve Montague was short-lived, but since Clayton Pike won’t reveal anything, there is no proof.

Lucas is more enjoyable as governor when he’s helping others or participating in community festivals than when he’s involved in finances.

Since Chris McNally teased Lucas may still grapple with hard choices, that sounds like darker days are still ahead.

We only have four episodes left. Hopefully, the resort storyline will be resolved before the end of the season.

While Tom seems to have paid back the money, he hasn’t mentioned leaving Hope Valley yet. Do you think he may stay and become a permanent resident?

Over to you, Hearties? What was your favorite part of “Brother’s Keeper?” Did you enjoy seeing Joseph and his brother reconcile?

Would you like to see more of Tom? Who do you think Clayton Pike is afraid of?

We’d like to hear your thoughts, so please share them with us below.

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