When Calls the Heart Season 11 Episode 5 Review: Stronger Together


When Calls the Heart finally put some “heart” back in the series.

When Calls the Heart Season 11 Episode 5 showcased how strong the Hope Valley community was when they worked together and banded together to save Lucas’s new resort.

“Stronger Together” explored multiple other subplots and relationships, including whether Nathan and Elizabeth would finally admit their feelings to each other.

Lucas never expected so many issues with clearing the Hope Valley resort, but some were vehemently opposed to it.

The problem was that Mike’s sister, Maisy, was the biggest hurdle in their way.

The men only saw her as a problem they needed to overcome, while Mei was worried about getting Maisy to relax and open up.

Since Mei viewed her as a person, Maisy admitted her physical ailments and why she was so demanding about the resort.

It seemed no one took her concerns seriously in Benson Hills, either. They wanted this resort to happen regardless of whether she had safety concerns.

Maisy assumed Mike and Lee would turn down her ridiculous demands of a new town dump or a transportation center with busses, but they seemed to be considering them.

To give them a leg up, Bill and Mike ambushed Lee to take over as mayor since Maisy thought she could control Mike.

While he was initially reluctant, Lee soon became delighted to go toe-to-toe with Maisy, especially when Henry explained his idea to help them all.

Henry’s ideas can sometimes be risky, and this one was too, but it had the major benefits of merging the towns and using dual mayors.

They only had to get the entire town to agree.

At the town hall meeting, you could tell how beloved Elizabeth was when almost everyone offered to forgo the resort if her school would be affected.

While they all wanted change for Hope Valley, they didn’t want the little schoolhouse to be affected.

Elizabeth: We’ve had our issues with the schoolboard before, but we’ve always overcome them. This could mean more benefits.
Lee: A larger school district could mean better opportunities for our kids.

This was the Elizabeth and Lucas we knew who cared about each other’s dreams. She knew how much the resort could benefit the town, so everyone else agreed.

Hopefully, Lucas will use Opal’s sketch as part of his grand vision of the resort since he was a part of the children’s lives, and they are the future of the town.

The weekly promo misled viewers about how much the Nathan and Elizabeth storyline would be featured. Most of the storyline featured them discussing their feelings with other people.

While things may have been different a century ago, why aren’t women and men allowed to talk before someone gets the wrong idea?

Both Elizabeth and Lucas maintained that they were just friends, but Nathan misunderstood what he saw: two people talking and laughing.

Nathan would have stewed for days, but Lucas intervened. Those two have a unique friendship since even though they were romantic rivals for Elizabeth, they genuinely want what’s best for the other.

Belonging to a small town was having everyone know your business, and Lucas hated knowing that everyone gossiped about his past with Jeanette. Lucas gave Nathan and Elizabeth his blessing. While they didn’t need it, they were moving at a snail’s pace, and the gentle push moved things along.

Lucas: You can’t put your socks on in this town without everyone hearing about it.
Nathan: Well, you were engaged to her, if I got that right.
Lucas: You got that wrong. We were together briefly, a very long time ago.

Maybe Elizabeth genuinely loved Lucas, but she wasn’t ready. That’s not what I watched, but now she told Rosemary she’s ready to find another love like she and Jack shared.

At least Nathan apologized for acting cold, but true to form, they were interrupted again, and it was yet again about Lucas and the resort. If the series is going to priortize Nathan and Elizabeth’s relationship, they need to let them finish a conversation.

It wasn’t until the final seconds that Elizabeth admitted how she felt.

Nathan, friends don’t look at friends this way.


Anna returned from Teacher’s College, and beyond her initial reunion with her friends and Elizabeth, it felt underwhelming.

It also seemed like she was there as another sounding board for Elizabeth. But we wanted to learn about her experiences and watch her teach the children.

Anna got involved only when she realized Opal drew a sketch of the resort.

Hopefully, we’ll see her student teach or visit the Canfields in future episodes. She worked in the cafe and lived there for a while, so it would be nice to see her catch up with Minnie.

Seeing the Canfields have their own storyline has been refreshing. Joseph has been a wonderful pastor and father, but now he has to practice what he preached.

It’s never fun when your kids throw your lessons back at you, but Angela and Cooper meant well by sending that letter to their uncle. They actually listened to their dad when he said that siblings should get along and not let things get in the way of that.

The problem was that Joseph was as stubborn as his brother, and neither wanted to be the first to bury the hatchet.

Joseph: He’s impossible. He’s difficult and stubborn. He’s so stubborn, Minnie.
Minnie: I guess that runs in the family.

But Joseph knew that wouldn’t be a good example to his family, so it’ll be interesting to see if he does swallow his pride.

Over to you, Hearties. What was your favorite part of “Stronger Together?’ What do you think of merging Hope Valley and Benson Hills?

Were you excited to see Anna again? What would you like to see next for Nathan and Elizabeth?

We love to hear your opinion, so let us know in the comments.

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