What to Watch: Yellowstone, Ragdoll, Next Stop, Christmas


Yellowstone returns!!! We’ve waited a long time to find out how the Duttons fared after the attack.

Lea Thompson and Christopher Lloyd are a highlight on Next Stop, Christmas, featuring Lyndsy Fonseca and Days of Our Lives Alum, Chandler Massey.

Lucy Hale returns to TV in a role you will not see coming. You don’t want to miss her on Ragdoll.

Saturday, November 6

7/8c Arcane: League of Legend (Netflix)

An animated adventure based on the hit multiplayer online battle arena game doesn’t feel like it should have the dramatic chops to sustain hours of viewing, right?

Surprisingly and delightfully, Riot Games has created something wholly original and exciting with both deep and dynamic animation styles. Its impressive voice cast includes the recognizable talents of Kevin Alejandro (Lucifer), Ella Purnell (Sweetbitter, Star Trek: Prodigy), and Hailee Steinfeld (Hawkeye).

Act 1 consists of Episodes 1-3 and introduces audiences to the world and inhabitants of Runeterra, specifically the surface city of progress, Piltover, and its subjugated subterranean sister city, Zaun.

Prepare to be blown away. This is not your parents’ video game cartoon!

8/7c Next Stop, Christmas (Hallmark)

Angie (Lyndsey Fonseca) is a successful surgeon in New York City but finds herself wondering what her life would be like if she had married her former boyfriend Tyler (Eric Freeman), who is now a successful sportscaster.

Angie takes the train home to spend the holiday with her family but discovers it’s inexplicably ten years earlier when she arrives. At first, she’s naturally disoriented by her unexpected time travel but slowly acclimates. With the advice of the train’s enigmatic conductor (Christopher Lloyd), Angie navigates her visit to this Christmas past as she tries to return to the present.

As she works to figure out how to get back to the future, Angie has the chance to reconnect with her family; she even teams up with her sister Kristen (Paige Herschell) to help her parents, Evelyn (Leah Thompson) and Marty (Matt Walton), rekindle their romance.

Along the way, Angie gains a new perspective and discovers what – and who – is truly important to her. It also stars Erika Slezak and Chandler Massey.

8/7c The Great Christmas Switch (GAC Family)

Sarah Lind and Dillon Casey star in this new Christmas film from GAC Family.

Lind will play twins in this one, and we had a chance to chat with her. Make sure you check out our interview to learn more about The Great Christmas Switch.

Here’s a look at the movie now!

8/7c Highway to Heaven (Lifetime)

Grammy-award-winning Jill Scott and 7th Heaven’s Barry Watson star in this modern take on Michael Landon’s series from the 80s.

Angels are among us in this hopeful and uplifting film about an angel, Angela, who poses as a school counselor to help a young boy, his father, and his aunt, who are still grieving the loss of the boy’s mother.

Be prepared for all the freaking feelings. Bring tissues. Call your loved ones and tell them you love them. Bask in the joy and hope in this message. If you’re looking for something to give you the Chicken Soup for the Soul meets Touched By an Angel type of fix, then check this one out!

9/8c 9-1-1 Crisis Center (Oxygen)

Team members’ experience varies from those who are 20-year veterans to those who are just starting. However, all dispatchers are primed and ready to respond to a wide array of panic-stricken callers.

Hearing callers terrorized by shots fired, angered over stolen cars, tearfully pleading during life-threatening medical emergencies, and anxiety-ridden over lost children makes working efficiently critical.

The dispatchers work to swiftly extract needed intel while calming the callers, providing them with detailed, life-saving instruction and relaying all pertinent details to law enforcement on the ground and en route.

I’ve seen the first couple of episodes, and it is heart-pounding stuff! Fans of 9-1-1 on FOX should definitely give it a try.

Sunday, November 7

SEAL Team (Paramount+)

Bravo Team are left for dead after their cars are petrol bombed in the conclusion of this thrilling trilogy of episodes. Who will live? Who will die? Which members of the team will survive long enough to find out the truth about Mandy?

8/7c Yellowstone (Paramount)

It’s almost time!! Bombs were dropped, and gunfire was raging during the Yellowstone Season 3 finale, and we’re ready to witness the fallout.

Who lives? Who dies? How long will it take for who’s left to rain down almighty hell on their attackers?

With a two-hour premiere, you’ll see plenty of action and lots of accusations as the pieces begin to come together.

9/8c NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)

An NCIS mission to protect a compromised undercover agent goes completely sideways.

Afterward, the agents are individually interrogated to find out what really happened.

Also, Kilbride must make a difficult decision.

9/8c Succession (HBO)

There is a situation with Waystar Royco, and that means people will get together to try to hold it together.

Yes, we’re looking at Kendall and Logan forced to face each other and spend time pushing the same agenda. That should be fun!

Adrien Brody joins the cast tonight as a big investor who has second thoughts about siding with the Roys.

9/8c Dexter: New Blood (Showtime)

After a long hibernation, America’s favorite serial killer is back!

Michael C. Hall reprises his award-winning role as Dexter Morgan, who is adjusting to a banal, blood-free existence in the small town of Iron Lake, New York.

Will the ghosts of Dexter’s past come back to haunt him? Will he be able to suppress his urges to maintain normalcy, even when faced with true evil?

10/9c The Rookie (ABC)

It’s gold in them there hills — of Los Angeles!

Our favorite crime fighters have the time of their life when they’re tasked with keeping the community safe when the great Gold Rush of 2021 has treasure seekers scavenging the city for gold.

Although, not all of them are in on this absolutely hilarious mission for the day. Poor Bradford has the task of convincing a dinosaur at the squad to retire, and as you can imagine, that’s not an easy assignment.

Monday, November 8

8/7c 9-1-1 (FOX)

Halloween has passed, but this episode of 9-1-1 is sure to put you right back into the Halloween spirit!

While Athena continues to work on her relationship with Harry, the team deals with a man who appears to have been buried alive. But things take an even weirder turn when he arrives home.

Coming off one of the better installments this season, you won’t want to miss this spooky hour.

8/7c All American (The CW)

With Spencer having to make yet another big decision, he chooses to spend time with the most important people in his life.

Olivia tries to balance her desire for intimacy with the commitment she made with herself regarding her sobriety. Jordan is worried about his recruitment possibilities and turns to Billy for advice.

Asher contemplates his next move and finds inspiration from someone unexpected. Meanwhile, Grace is fed up with Billy’s behavior and decides to confront him.

9/8c 4400 (The CW)

LaDonna (Khailah Johnson) amps up the drama.

Shanice finds a way to bond with her daughter after missing her growing up.

Jessica has concerns about appearances. How will this affect her relationship with Keisha?

Tune in for another action-packed episode!

9/8c The Big Leap (FOX)

Reggie and Gabby shippers, we’re going to need an emergency meeting to discuss what may happen when Reggie leaves the show and is tossed into his former life.

Our King of Chaos, Nick, may have initiated a going away party for Reggie, but he drops the news that they’ll still be following him around for the remainder of the season. Yeah, so why is Reggie kissing a woman that ISN’T our girl?

Somebody has some explaining to do!

Tuesday, November 9

The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula (Shudder)

Koco Caine couldn’t handle the thrill of the Extermination Challenge. The mechanical bull knocked her right out of the competition. Seven queens remain to slay another day. Who will rise to the top during the next annual Monsters of Rock show? Let’s cross our fingers someone brings down the house!

8/7c Queen Sugar (OWN)

Blue comes home as everyone comes together to celebrate Ralph Angel and Darla’s baby shower!

And Nova makes a huge discovery about the remains on her land. Is there any chance it can help the Bordelons save their farm?

8/7c The Resident (FOX)

We promise it’s back this time! The time-jump that fans cannot stop talking about kicks off when we get our first glimpse of what life looks like for Conrad and the Chastain crew four years into the future! And let us tell you right now, you will not be disappointed with these developments!

Everything is different for everyone, as Conrad juggles fatherhood and his new job as a concierge to the chagrin of all his colleagues and friends.

Devon adapts to life as Chastain’s newest version of Conrad. AJ’s love life takes off, and if you’re into some friendly competition, just wait until you see AJ and Bell in action. Boys, we promise both of your scalpels are the sharpest. Fear not, The Resident is still in top form!

8/7 Supergirl (The CW)

The Girl of Steel ends her run in a two-hour series finale event as many favorites return.

Fan favorites, such as James, Winn, and Mon-el return to help Kara and the Superfriends when Nyxly and Lex kidnap a loved one.

Alex and Kelly finally get the wedding and the family they deserve and that Alex has been craving for years.

8/7c FBI (CBS)

The serial shooter the team is after is killing detectives from the same police unit. Someone has an ax to grind, and there should be more to this story!

Tiffany’s read on the situation may be influenced by her deep roots working with the NYPD before the FBI, and you guys, someone has our girl at gunpoint! You better not go there, FBI.

They’re hitting the ground running with this case about attacks against the NYPD.

9/8c FBI: International (CBS)

Are you guys sensing a theme here? Another American secret-holder, this time an intelligence negotiator, goes missing.

When you hold all the secrets, everyone is after you, and that’s the case with this missing woman the team must find before it’s too late.

The action doesn’t stop with this FBI spinoff.

9/8c La Brea (NBC)

Everyone still blames Eve for being stuck in the sinkhole, so much so that they want to move away from her.

When a blizzard harms Marybeth and Lucas, Eve tries to prove her loyalty by leading the efforts to rescue them.

Gavin embarks on a journey to the past to decipher how he can save his family now.

10/9c New Amsterdam (NBC)

Fuentes needs to go. The woman is evil for no reason!

Fuentes’ terror reign continues only this time she wants all of our favorites: Lauren, Floyd, and Iggy fired for budget reasons. Madam, just say you want to piss Max off and leave it there!

Of course, there may be some merit for Lauren landing in hot water after that bribe situation.

10/9c FBI: Most Wanted (CBS)

The team has to race against the clock to track down a family annihilator. Criminal Minds fans, you remember that one, right?

After taking down so many families, they expect him to kill himself, but he hasn’t gotten to it yet, which begs the question: what is his final mission, and how can they beat him to it?

A meddlesome mom is the name of the game when Barnes’ mother is in town and keeps interfering with her marriage. They always say they do it because they care, but we’ll see.

10/9c Queens (ABC)

We’re still reeling from that death, and sadly, so is Brianna as she has to face what her family looks like in the aftermath of a tragic loss.

Meanwhile, Naomi has her work cut out for her fielding questions from the men in her life and her daughter about the identity of her daughter’s father.

And Jill the Thrill came all the way out but will have some answering to do about her infidelity.

10/9c Chucky (Syfy/USA)

We’ve already watched this episode, and it is truly one episode of TV you will want to watch live.

This episode is for the fans of the movies who have been waiting for certain developments.

This is a bonkers hour of the show that will change everything.

Wednesday, November 10

Passing (Netflix)

While everyone debates race, culture, and history all over the place, diving into compelling films on streamers like Netflix is a much better way of tuning out the noise. This Sundance film based on the Nella Larsen novel is a work of art.

It stars acclaimed actors Ruth Negga, Tessa Thompson, Alexander Skarsgard, Bill Camp, and Andre Holland. It’s about two the experiences of two women during the Roaring Twenties, navigating different worlds as light-skinned Black women, one passing for white and the other staying true to her Black roots.

The film set in the Harlem Renaissance era is in black and white and plays out as a fascinating character study and a bit of a thriller, with phenomenal performances by all.

Gentefied (Netflix)

The Morales cousins fight alongside Pop in their efforts to help him remain in the country when the possibility of deportation looms.

It prompts them to wonder where they truly belong in this divided world and explore all the questions that life presents them.

This highly buzzed-about series returns with its sophomore season!

8/7c Survivor (CBS)

It’s getting messy on the merged tribe. Liana must reckon with her betrayal of Xander and hope her new alliance has her back. There are too many options to keep straight, not to mention all the idols, extra votes, and advantages! It’s anything but boring! Tune in to watch the chaos unravel.

10/9c Chicago PD (NBC)

The drama that has the entire CPD fandom divided may finally come to a head when Hailey meets with IAD and discusses the Roy shooting.

The real question is if the unit can survive or will there be a split that it never recovers from as this news comes out?! One thing is certain, it can’t carry on like this! In the feud between Halstead versus Voight, who you got?

Meanwhile, they still have to investigate the brutal stabbing of a father with two daughters!

10/9c CSI: Vegas (CBS)

Max puts CSI on lockdown when evidence in a new murder tips Grissom and Sara to a new suspect in the crime lab.

So their investigation of Hodges’ framing hits closer to home.

Also, Folsom and Allie investigate a series of chilling killings at a dilapidated clown-themed hotel.

Thursday, November 11

Ragdoll (AMC+)

Based on the novel of the same name by Daniel Cole, Ragdoll stars Lucy Hale, Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Ali Cook, and Thalissa Teixeira as investigators trying to solve a bizarre case.

They’re on the hunt for a serial killer who murders six people, dismembers them, and sews them into the shape of a grotesque body, “The Ragdoll.” As detectives begin to investigate, the killer begins to taunt them.

We’ve had the chance to see the first two episodes, and the story is mesmerizing, with some light humor to keep things from getting too dark. And let’s face it, this will be Lucy Hale as you’ve never seen her before!

Doom Patrol (HBO Max)

It’s the season finale, and our favorite not-a-superteam team is once again forced to (Robot)man up to face a villainous force bent on their destruction.

With Cliff’s brain and Rouge’s body dumped in the woods, the team in literal freefall, and The Brain in possession and control of the Robotman body, the outlook is bleak for Rita’s master plan. Of course, that’s pretty much on-brand.

How will the team pull it together? Will the Sisterhood of Dada lend a hand? What has happened to Jane/Kay’s alts, and could that help them in some way?

Join us for one more crazy ride for the season. Who knows where we’ll end up?

Star Trek: Prodigy (Paramount+)

Are you onboard? Are you buckled in? Now that the Protostar is well on its way, we can expect things only to get more exciting as the crew learns about their ship, their roles, and themselves along the way.

On “Dreamcatcher,” will we catch sight of the aforementioned Window of Dreams? Or will the dreams be something the replicators bring to life for our heroes?

We can be assured of another fabulous score composed by Nami Melumad, orchestrated here by Jenny Dirkes, that will draw us into this new and magical spacescape. Combined with Academy Award winner Michael Giacchino’s incredible theme, it’s hard to remember that we aren’t watching a film sometimes.

Canada’s Drag Race (WOW Presents Plus and Crave)

The Snatch Game claimed another victim. Oh, Suki Doll, we’ll miss you dearly! The competition is heating up as eight queens are left to fight it out to be Canada’s Next Drag Superstar. Who will snatch the subsequent victory in the Maxi Challenge? And which two queens will lip-sync for their lives next? We’re living for all this anticipation.

8/7 Walker (The CW)

Cordell wants to form peace between the Walkers and the Davidsons, so he invites Gale Davidson to participate in the Side Step’s chili cook oof,

That probably won’t go over well with his mom and brother, and the fireworks will be hotter than the chili. Micki returns home and tries to fix her relationship with Trey after being undercover.

8/7c The Blacklist (NBC)

The Task Force races to locate a blacklister who uses any means necessary to return what has been unjustly stolen. Ressler asks Park for a favor. Cooper tries to piece together an event for which he has no memory.

8/7c Station 19 (ABC)

It’s another Station 19/Grey’s Anatomy crossover special event! Well, it’s their version of one, which never quite feels like a crossover. One of these days, they’ll catch the hang of what that actually means. Who knows? Maybe this is that time, though we’re doubtful.

An explosion rips apart a neighborhood and sends our firefighters into a tailspin that will forever change them. Meanwhile, Andy hides out at Dean’s (as customary with this crew) and helps take care of Pruitt, and Vic’s commitment phobia rears its head.

9/8c Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)

Tom Koracick is back, y’all!

Keeping up the theme of fan-favorites returning to the series, Koracick makes his first appearance after leaving with Jackson to change the world and use his skills and privileges to serve others.

This time around, Tom is in Minnesota with Mer and Amelia to assist with the Parkinsons’ trial. Oh, between posturing in front of David and picking up the chemistry between Amelia and Bartley, you know he’s coming with the jokes and wit!

9/8c Legacies (The CW)

Hope Mikaelson is officially the tribrid, and she has no humanity left.

After killing Malivore and Landon, and a stunning attack on Alaric, her aunt Rebekah joins the mission to find her.

With the world changing, a big secret threatened to derail everything.

10/9c Big Sky (ABC)

Big Sky left us with one hell of a cliffhanger and then disappeared for a few weeks! How rude!

But have no fear. They’re back and picking up right where they left off with the gunfire in the woods and the kids scrambling to save one of their own.

Elsewhere, Wolf and Ronald are still engaged in their twisted union out on the ranch, and Ren looks to make her move.

Friday, November 12

The Shrink Next Door (AppleTV+)

What happens when the man tasked to help improve your life decides to take it over? Find out on The Shrink Next Door, starring Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd.

Stream the first three episodes on November 12 only on Apple TV+ Based on the true story of Marty and the therapist who turned his life around…then took it over.

When he first meets Dr. Ike, Marty just wants to get better with personal boundaries. Over 30 years, he’ll learn all about them — and what happens when they get crossed.

I Know What You Did Last Summer (Amazon Prime Video)

The cliffhangers are keeping us at the edge of our seats! What does Margot know about Allison? Why does Dylan want to chat with Lyla?

And most pressing of all: a familiar face returns to Wai Huna to no doubt cause a lot of trouble for the Grant family. Allison and Bruce should brace themselves for the drama. Plus, there is still possibly a killer around. So, you know, lots of murderous drama is coming up real soon.

9/8c Magnum P.I. (CBS)

A journalist hires Magnum to track down his anonymous source after they mysteriously go dark. Higgins receives a new assignment from MI-6. Also, Rick’s old friend comes to the island, but TC is suspicious of his motives.

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