What to Watch: The Rookie, La Brea, Big Sky


Another week, another boatload of returns and premieres!

So many questions. Can Big Sky live up to the sensation it presented in its first season? Will Angela be saved on The Rookie? And can NBC finally find a sci-fi adventure that sticks the landing?

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WTW Sept 25

Saturday, September 25

8/7c Deadly Debutantes (Lifetime)

Are you ready to spend some time with the upper-crust, wealthy folks? Balls are very important to the elite, and every family wants their daughter to be the Belle of the Ball.

Unfortunately, that means everyone will stop at nothing to guarantee that. Angela has all the qualities that will guarantee her a win until newcomer Sophia Martinez from the other side of the tracks charms everyone and elicits sympathy, too.

And we can’t have that, now can we?!

9/8c Taking the Reins (Hallmark)

Nikki DeLoach and Scott Porter star in this movie about a woman who has to get back on the horse, literally and figuratively.

Nikki and her writing partner developed and produced this movie for Hallmark, and she’s thrilled that Scott Porter joined to play her on-screen husband. Be sure to check out our interview with Nikki for more.

Here’s a preview of Taking the Reins.

Sunday, September 26

8/7c Chesapeake Shores (Hallmark)

Evan continues ingratiating himself into Abby’s life whether she likes it or not on “What’s New.”

And judging by this sneak peek, it’s going to be one of those weeks where hanging with Evan is going to be very difficult for this viewer.

Of all places for Evan to convalesce, he picked the O’Brien house? It’s hard to tell if he’s needy, rude, or a little of both!

8/7c Power Book III: Raising Kanan (Starz)

It all comes down to this.

After the shooting of Howard, Kanan is on the run, and the streets are a mess. But Raq remains ready for whatever comes next.

This explosive finale is a great finish to a stellar first season. Don’t miss it!

9/8c Animal Kingdom (TNT)

It’s the last episode before the season finale, and if you felt the season was too slow, well, brace yourselves, we’re speeding things up!

The Codys have to tie up some loose ends before they take on their biggest and riskiest heist yet since Smurf’s death. But first, they have to resolve their Chadwick issue, make sure the Feds aren’t on Deran for Livengood’s murder and get Craig’s head on straight.

It’s one of the strongest episodes of a lackluster season, so you’ll want to tune in for this one as we head into the finale!

9/8c Rise and Shine, Benedict Stone (HMM)

While Hallmark used to be all about new love, their recent films have been exploring reigniting and reconnecting with love. T

om Everett Scott and Mia Maestro star as a couple who has lost sight of their love as they experienced repeated heartbreak while trying to conceive a child.

It’s a beautiful movie that reminds us that sometimes, we have to stop reaching when what we have right in front of us is all we need.

9/8c The Walking Dead (AMC)

Are you ready to find out what happened to Connie and Virgil?

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 6 is one of the most terrifying episodes of the series.

It’s breathtaking, chilling, and fantastically acted.

You’ll want to this one as soon as it’s available.

10/9c The Rookie (ABC)

After an explosive season finale last May, the team races to locate Lopez after she was abducted by La Fiera on her wedding day.

Each minute that passes is critical for saving the life of not only Lopez but also her unborn child.

Plus, Chenford fans have a spark of hope thanks to the trailer! The tension between Chen and Bradford reaches a new peak on this episode, according to what we’ve seen teased.

If you’re not able to catch the premiere on ABC, The Rookie will be available to stream the following day on Hulu.

10/9c American Rust (Showtime)

Well, we knew that Billy and Lee’s indiscretion wouldn’t lead to anything good, and this week, Billy faces more heartache as Lee tries to erase what happened between them.

Things get real between Del and Grace as he’s ready to reveal what happened in Pittsburgh, but meanwhile, that annoying DA does an about-face on with Del about keeping dead Pete on the force too long.

And with Pete’s death ruled a homicide and Isaac finally hopping a train, it seems that Billy will be left to deal with the aftermath on his own.

Monday, September 27

Y: The Last Man (FX on Hulu)

Yorick and Agent 355 finally arrive in Boston in their search for Dr. Mann. Back in DC, the return of Regina Oliver puts everyone on edge. Christine is helped out of a scary situation by an unexpected ally.

Agent 355 searches for answers on a secret mission of her own.

8/7c Roswell, New Mexico (CW)

There’s a new alien in town! After the revelation that there was a new alien among them, Isobel and Michael work to bring Dallas into the fold. Meanwhile, the search to stop Jones continues, as Liz and Max work together to find a way to stop him once and for all.

8/7c 9-1-1 (FOX)

The ransomware attack continues to have Los Angeles in a panic.

While the 118 is dealing with a helicopter teetering on the edge, Athena is on the hunt for Hudson and his accomplice.

Things are heating up this season, and we haven’t even gotten to the wild animals on the loose yet!

9/8c The Big Leap (FOX)

If you haven’t already checked out the second installment of this new hit series on Hulu, then you’ll be joining us for a drama and fun-fueled hour!

Gabby is hip to Nick’s manipulations in his attempts to get the most buzzworthy reality series, and she confronts him about all of his antics, especially when Mike shares a personal secret that could be used against him on the show for ratings.

The producers catch Julia’s husband speaking badly about their marriage and pounce on the opportunity, while the tensions and competition are high when everyone vye for the same parts.

10/9c Ordinary Joe (NBC)

Did you tune in last week as the three Joe’s contemplated what-if?

With the anniversary of 9/11 approaching, all three Joes grapple with the emotions that come with the day.

Cop Joe and Amy pursue a new romance, while Rockstar Joe and Amy’s marriage is clouded by a big secret. Nurse Joe and Jenny have a breakthrough in their marriage.

Tuesday, September 28

Only Murders In The Building (Hulu)

Someone has been watching Charles, Mabel, and Oliver. Is he on to them? Are they on to him? Will we finally get some answers? Don’t miss the most innovative episode of the season yet!

8/7c Queen Sugar (OWN)

Ralph Angel gets a shock when Nova’s book comes back to haunt them all on the farm. Charley is interviewed by Gayle King about the past, her political future, and her rekindled romance with Davis. Will it turn out as positive as Charley hopes?

And Nova and Billie discuss the details of the past. Can their friendship be mended after all these years? Puls, Micah and Prosper both face situations they didn’t expect. You won’t want to miss a minute of the latest Queen Sugar!

8/7c The Resident (FOX)


The Resident is hitting the gas on the season and all of our FEELS already. When an MIA Devon is found unconscious in the elevator, the Chastain Crew goes into overtime trying to determine what happened to him.

And let’s start a prayer circle that it leads them to poor Winston!

Meanwhile, Kitbell is still playing with our feelings by not throwing themselves at each other yet, and we’ll get some follow-up on Billie’s secret son! Grab your snacks, your inhalers, and your besties, and tune in for this hour and our review!

8/7c FBI (CBS)

Anyone else getting overwhelmed by all of these ransomware/cyber attack episodes?

Cyber attacks must be the thing of the season since we’re gearing up for another hour of television exploring ransomware attacks on a hospital that leads to the death of a young child.

Of course, our relentless FBI squad will stop at nothing to take these attackers DOWN, in the first hour of FBI Tuesdays. We’re pumped!

8/7c Stargirl (The CW)

With his world crashing down around him, Rick focuses his attention on protecting Solomon Grundy after learning hunters are after a bear in the woods.

Does this mean the rest of the JSA will finally learn what Rick has been up to in the woods?

Meanwhile, Beth becomes the target of Eclipso’s latest plan.

9/8c FBI: International

The newest addition to the FBI franchise has already won our hearts, and they aren’t afraid to dive into the action and drama. In the second hour of the FBI lineup, the International Fly team heads to Hungary to respond to a young mother fleeing with her son after losing custody in the US.

In a shocking development, someone kidnaps her son from her in Budapest, and the team is left wondering which of the parents poses the real threat.

9/8c Our Kind of People (FOX)

Angela dives into uncovering the secrets about her mother while reminding everyone of Oak Bluffs that she’s a “disruptor” just like her. The tension and cattiness between Angela and Lauren escalate while Leah continues to rebel and plot against her father’s position as head of Franklin.

Raymond is determined to get his company back as well, and if that wasn’t enough for the Dupont family, all hell breaks loose at a ball.

9/8 c La Brea (NBC)

When a massive sinkhole opens in Los Angeles, the Harris family is split in two. Eve and her son are sent to a mysterious, primeval world.

But Gavin and Izzy remain behind. Is all hope lost?

When Gavin discovers that the visions that have plagued him for years could bring his family home, he needs to convince his daughter Izzy and those in charge that they are real.

10/9c FBI: Most Wanted (CBS)

You guys can snicker or groan — dealer’s choice — but the Capitol riot is coming to primetime when Jess and the team must track down one of the dangerous insurrectionists for January. 6.

The team is still reeling from the absence of one of their own, and they must adapt to a potential new person on the team. FBI Tuesdays wrap up with this action-packed hour!

10/9c New Amsterdam (NBC)

We got our Sharpwin, but at what cost?! It’ a love fest, but it’s coming with a dose of angst when Helen still has reservations about dating Max, his intentions, and their plans to move to London. The other angsty couple comes in the form of Floyd and Lyn, who can’t seem to stay away from one another despite Lyn’s husband.

On the medical side of things, Max helps a young student with a science fair invention but runs into some legal trouble, Iggy gets a lesson on humility in his new position teaching rather than practicing, and Karen is back to surprise the staff of New Amsterdam, but in what way?

Wednesday, September 29

8/7c Survivor (CBS)

Is Brad becoming the hunter, or the hunted?

Sydney hopes to get Naseer voted off.

Epic challenges push the castaways to their breaking point, while twists and advantages continue to throw a wrench into everyone’s plans.

It’s a whole new Survivor!

9/8c The Conners (ABC)

Now that Ben and Darlene are over, Darlene begins a spiritual journey to try and figure out why she’s so negative about everything and everyone. It’s anyone’s guess where Darlene’s self-discovery will lead.

Neville and Jackie face a city councilman looking to give them a hard time about turning the Lunch Box into a Chicago Bears-themed sports bar. With both Jason Alexander and Patton Oswalt guest starring, you’re not going to want to miss this episode of The Conners!

8/7c Riverdale (The CW)

The tragic reality of Polly has affected Alice in a big way. We’re talking denial and a musical fantasy where everything is perfect. Will Betty be able to pull her mother back to reality?

Elsewhere on Riverdale, romances are heating up between the potential couples. Tabitha invites Jughead over for a family dinner, while Archie and Veronica make a big decision about their future. Is it a happy ending or a fond farewell?

8:30/7:30c The Wonder Years

The buzz and hype around this “reboot” is real.

The delightful Wonder Years returns with young Dean reeling from a personal heartbreak. However, his family and friends assume it has something to do with the tragic assassination of MLK, and they each attempt to comfort and support him in their own ways.

Meanwhile, Dean milks the sympathy and attention for all that it’s worth.

9/8c Chicago Fire (NBC)

A video of Casey from the roof rescue goes viral. Will this get him promoted to battalion chief?

Mouch sets up a Little Free Library at Firehouse 51, while Herrmann breaks protocol.

Plus, who did we think is this surprise returning character from the first two seasons?

9/8c In the Dark (The CW)

Only two episodes remain in the season, and hopefully, if we’re really lucky, we’ll actually get to the bottom of where the ever-loving hell Jess is.

It’s literally been all-season, In the Dark! Good grief!

Murphy is alone again after she burned more bridges and escaped the cops, and she’s pursuing what others deem a foolish quest leading nowhere to learn more about Jennifer Walker, except all of her crazy theories may pay off!

10/9c Chicago PD (NBC)

Voight and Ruzek strategically attempt to manage Burgess when she returns to work after her traumatic beating, shooting, and near death, much to her chagrin.

An informant is murdered, and the team dives into finding out who did it, but it leads to a shocking secret uncovered.

Hailey still grapples with the aftermath of what happened and the new stage in her relationship with Halstead.

10/9c A Million Little Things (ABC)

Gary attempts to distance himself from anything related to Peter, but it’s hard when Detective Saunders comes sniffing around and asking questions.

Gina is having a hard time with her job search in the aftermath of losing Someday.

Meanwhile, Katherine entertains a new friend while Eddie makes headway in his search for the person who hit him.

Thursday, September 30

Kin (AMC+)

Things are looking dire as Eamon accelerates his offense and hits the Kinsellas where it hurts. Michael follows up about his medical condition. Anna spirals. Frank makes a contingency plan, but Amanda has a bold idea that just might work.

Star Trek: Lower Decks (Paramount+)

It’s reverse role-playing time as the Lower Decks and bridge crew are put in each others’ roles for an efficiency assessment! Just who will fail up, and who will just flunk out? The answers may surprise you!

In other news, the consultant in charge of their assessment is literally coming apart at the seams! It’s another wacky adventure on the Cerritos! Beam on board!

Titans (HBO Max)

It’s time for the Titans to find their way back to what makes them great. Donna and Rachel are back in Gotham City, and Bruce Wayne survived his suicide attempt.

With a common goal in mind, the heroes come together, but how will they work together with a blend of old and new members? Tim Drake cheated death, but he’s bonded with Donna for life. What will that mean for everyone else?

Doom Patrol (HBO Max)

First, they were back, and then they “came back.” Life (and death) are never straightforward with this not-super team. Navigating a return to the land of the living proves challenging as new but familiar adversaries enter the picture. In a time machine, no less. How will Madame Rouge explain herself? If she ever does… how intriguing!

8/7c Station 19 (ABC)

Sullivan is public enemy #1 on the season premiere of Station 19, with Andy still angry at him for undercutting Maya. Maya faces her biggest professional obstacle on her and Carina’s wedding night. Travis rekindles an old flame, and Dean comes to grips with how he really feels about Vic.

Meanwhile, the annual Phoenix Festival kickstarts a series of emergencies, which dovetail into a busy day for the doctors at Grey Sloan.

9/8c Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)

The hit series returns for its record-breaking 18th season, and we get to the bottom of so many cliffhangers. Amelia and Link are still figuring out their relationship after she declined his proposal, and they talk things through with a counselor.

Meanwhile, Teddy and Owen seem to be in bliss as they take the next steps in their impending marriage. Bailey struggles to find new doctors to hire for the hospital, and Meredith is surprised by a face from her past.

10/9c Big Sky (ABC)

Where do we go from here?

That seems to be a central question both Cassie and Jenny will have to deal with, as they handle the fallout from Ronald’s escape.

There’s also a few new faces popping up, as the ladies tackle a new case.

Friday, October 1

8/7c Under Wraps (Disney Channel)

The Disney Channel is remaking its first original film, and it’s a fun spooky good time as three 12-year olds accidentally revive a mummy.

They must return him to his resting place before midnight on Halloween.

However, they run into a band of criminals that want the mummy for nefarious reasons, so they must band together to stop them.

9/8c Magnum P.I. (CBS)

In the fourth-season premiere, as Magnum tries to keep his new relationship a secret and handles cases solo while Higgins is away, he is tasked with finding a single mom being hunted by two very dangerous gangs.

Also, while Higgins is abroad with Ethan, a misstep forces her to assist an old employer.

Finally, Rick gets some bad, but also very, very good news.

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