What to Watch: Stargirl, Fantasy Island, Titans


What a week ahead!!

There are new shows galore across both streaming and broadcast. Fantasy Island (and it’s so good) debuts on Fox, and Stargirl returns on a new network, The CW.

Titans drops on a new platform, too, on HBO Max, and Slasher: Flesh & Blood premieres on Shudder (and AMC+). See all of our recommendations below!

WTW August 7

Saturday, August 7

8/7c Psycho Storm Chaser (Lifetime)

Who doesn’t love some good old-fashioned storm chasing?

Well, Abby Fields probably doesn’t when she chooses to weather a category 3 hurricane with her comatose patient rather than move her.

If that isn’t a daunting enough experience for anyone, especially when it includes hunkering down with some undesirables, but what they didn’t prepare for is a stranger inhabiting the peninsula, too.

Dr. Carl, a celebrity storm chaser by day and serial killer by night, is on the loose, and some heavy rain is the least of their worries!

HellsKitchen coming atcha August 9 on @FOXTV! pic.twitter.com/EfAn0kVhvC

— Hell’s Kitchen (@HellsKitchenFOX) August 6, 2021

Tuesday, August 10

8/7c Stargirl (CW)

Stargirl returns to our TV screens after a year away.

With summer break around the corner, Pat suggests the family take a vacation after seeing that Courtney has been spending too much time focused on being Stargirl and not enough time on her schoolwork. But will the Dugan-Whitmore family ever get some peace and quiet?

Elsewhere, Beth attempts to reconnect with Chuck; she stumbles upon a major secret her parents have been keeping from her. Any guesses on what that could be?

Lastly, Yolanda continues to be haunted by Brainwave’s death, and Rick (secretly tracks Solomon Grundy after suspecting he may still be in the area.

It sounds like it’ll be a wild ride, so buckle up!

9/8c Fantasy Island (FOX)

Roselyn Sanchez stars in this modern-day adaption of a timeless classic!

What if everything you wished for isn’t quite how you imagined?

Guests who check-in at a luxury resort on an island have dreams and aspirations that they never in a million years would think would get fulfilled. But when they do, it’s nothing like what they envisioned.

Elena Roarke, a descendant of Mr. Roarke, works to keep her family legacy alive and well in this magical realism, supernatural, campy series.

Wednesday, August 11

Kissing Booth 3 (Netflix)

It’s the end of an era as Elle and Lee graduate high school, and Elle must decide if she wants to go to college with her boyfriend Noah or her best friend, Lee.

As she and Lee finish their final summer of dares, life becomes even more complicated when she runs into her crush, Marco.

What’s a girl to do? Will Elle make the right decision for herself.

8/7c The Challenge: Spies, Lies, & Allies

A new season of The Challenge is upon us, and it welcomes a mixture of old and new cast members as they compete for a cash prize.

The poster may look like something made for a Fast & Furious movie, but the trailer teases a lot of scheming.

Who doesn’t love some scheming?

The cast is decent, and the season as a whole looks like it could be another War of the Worlds-like refresh, which is only a good thing.

8/7c Married at First Sight (Lifetime)

It’s honeymoon time!

All the couples have finally walked down the aisle, and now it’s time for them to get to know their spouses and one another. Some of the couples are matches made in heaven, while others are already starting to see cracks in their newfound relationships.

Have you placed your bets on who will last?

8/7c Riverdale (The CW)

Riverdale is back from its spring hiatus with newfound energy and chaos. After the prison breakout at Hiram’s jail, Archie is tasked with rounding up the remaining escapees.

Jughead has gone missing from his mysterious alien encounter. Will Tabitha and Betty be able to locate the missing writer? And, what nefarious schemes does Penelope Blossom have up her sleeve now that she’s back in town?

9/8c In the Dark (The CW)

In the Dark returns after a brief hiatus with a conclusion to that shocking cliffhanger!

After the arcade blows up, and Murphy assumes Jess was inside, she goes into custody with Gene and Josh, hoping to take the fall for everything. Except somewhere along the way, the two men disagree on how to go about handling things.

Meanwhile, Max and Felix go to see Felix’s ex, Chelsea.

10/9c Good Trouble (Freeform)

Good Trouble’s Lunar New Year episode has it all, love triangles, poly triads, drunk Callie, overbearing moms, sibling rivalries, and so much more!

Alice hosts Lunar New Year at the Coterie, to her mother’s chagrin, and in true Coterie fashion, nothing turns out as planned.

Meanwhile, Malika is still trying to adjust to her poly lifestyle, with Callie attempts to adapt to sharing Gael’s time with Isabella and their unborn child, and the love triangle between Davia, Dennis, and Matt heats up.

It’s a truly fun, affirming, and wonderful hour and one of the best of the series. Tune in, and don’t forget to return to TV Fanatic for our full review and an exclusive with Sherry Cola.

Thursday, August 12

Star Trek: Lower Decks (Paramount+)

IT IS BACK! The animated Star Trek series NO ONE believed would be as funny and clever as it turned out to be is back, baby!

When last we saw our intrepid Lower Decks crew, Mariner had struck a truce with Mom/Captain, Rutherford’s memory had been wiped, and Boimler had earned a promotion and a transfer to the Titan.

Well, we know none of that can last, don’t we?

The new season is sure to surprise and delight with many, many Star Trek: The Next Generation references, including the newest crew member, Kayshon, a TAMARIAN security chief! Will it be “Temba, his arms open” or “Shaka, when the walls fell”?

Gossip Girl (HBO Max)

It’s hard to believe it, but the midseason finale is here.

We’ve already watched it, and while it’s not up to the standard of the most recent episode, there’s a lot of drama.

We also get to meet more of the parents, including Aki’s Rupert Murdoch-esque father and Obie’s business-centric mother.

Titans (HBO Max)

We’re treated to a three-episode premiere that introduces us to a much darker world than before.

We also get the highly anticipated introduction of Barbara Gordon, who might be one of the season’s best characters.

You’re going to want to watch this one the moment it drops to avoid spoilers because the first three episodes are packed with jaw-dropping reveals.

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 6 (Paramount+)

The Final 5 queens are only a few rounds away from finding out who will earn a spot in the Drag Race Hall of Fame!

Will it be Ra’Jah O’Hara, Eureka!, Kylie Sonique Love, Ginger Minj, or Trinity K. Bonet?

After the sad elimination of Pandora Boxx, the competition is heating up as the top queens have to start turning on each other. But will Eureka get her first challenge win, or will a new frontrunner emerge?

Slasher: Flesh & Blood (Shudder)

The fourth chapter in the Slasher franchise arrives on Shudder with a wild new mystery.

A family patriarch invites his family to an island to decide who will take over the family business and inherit all of the good things that come with it.

The hook? No family member is not in contention. Every single person related to the bloodline will have a claim to it.

As you can expect, a lot of people arrive, but so does a killer. Yes, this sounds like another banner season!

8/7c Grownish (Freeform)

The gang hits the streets of LA for a protest for racial justice and equality, but it’s a dangerous ordeal.

Various members of the group have differing opinions on protesting styles and behavior, and they hash things out with each other and have some important talks.

The second part of the two-part event continues!

Friday, August 13

Modern Love (Amazon)

Love breaks all the rules.

The second season of this anthology series returns to explores love in all of its complicated and beautiful forms.

Each episode brings to life a different story that has been inspired by the New York Times’s popular Modern Love column.

Schmigadoon! (Apple TV+)

It’s hard to accept, but all great things must come to an end, and the finale of Cinco Paul’s love letter to the Golden Age of musicals leaves us wanting more.

Will Josh and Melissa find true love and leave Schmigadoon? Will Mildred Layton succeed in her power grab? Could there really be a happily ever after for everyone? Or will it just be curtains?

Get your ticket punched for the best trip of the summer! Join us in Schmigadoon!

8/7c Burden of Truth (The CW)

Paying off old debts. After Joanna’s arrest in the final seconds of Burden of Proof Season 4 Episode 1, she and Billy hunt for answers.

When they can’t find any, they must turn to an old enemy for help.

Meanwhile, Taylor tries to find Dee, and Owen helps Kip pay off an old debt.

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