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Scarecrow is one of the most manipulative characters on all of TV.

His plan all along has been to bring Gotham City to its knees, and after the events of Titans Season 3 Episode 8, he might well have gotten his wish.

Dosing the entire water supply is a big swing, but the fact that the Titans were witnessed at the location, well, it seems like the show is setting the heroes back up as the pariahs of the city.

It would happen eventually, but with the entire city able to take their fears away by drinking water, it will open up a whole new level of carnage for everyone involved.

Scarecrow hasn’t been the best villain, but he has had some interesting beats. He can fly off the handle without a second thought. Shooting Tim highlighted as much.

Titans has always had an issue introducing characters, but I appreciate how Tim has been slowly immersed into this world of superheroes.

It was laughable that he thought he could just show up at Wayne Manor, point fingers, and say he wanted to be the next Robin.

The kid has lost many people close to him in violent situations, which might as well be on the interview questions to join the team at this stage.

Dick knew the kid was on to something, but he didn’t want to immerse him in this violent world. Now that Tim has been harmed, possibly fatally, the team should be more open to the prospect of reeling him in.

When Jason heard him saying he wanted to be Robin, I expected the former Robin to kill Tim. Jason has been going through quite the identity crisis on Titans Season 3, but his supposed changed ways are starting to test my patience.

How often will the Titans be lured into a false sense of security, putting everyone at risk?

Regardless of whether Jason truly wants to go home, he’s a liability who doesn’t think about the needs of the many. He only cares about himself, and without some therapy, there’s no way he’s going to change.

Dick welcoming the prospect of bringing Jason back into the fold was not a surprise. Dick has had this feeling that he can fix people for a long time, but he needs to realize that some people don’t want to be saved.

The other Titans having reservations about welcoming Jason back with open arms was perfect. There were always going to be people who didn’t want him back.

When you think about his track record this season alone, he’s wicked, and how many times can he realistically fall off the deep end?

Perhaps the only way forward for Jason is to go to Arkham for a lengthy stretch. He needs to atone for his sins, or at the very least, recognize he’s a cold-blooded killer.

Bringing him back into the mansion will only cause more problems in the long run.

It’s nice to see that some people believe he can be saved, but my concerns about Dick leading the team are only heightening by the episode.

Dick is not good at making decisions because he makes them by taking his personal feelings on board. A good leader should be able to be objective about every situation.

Kory would be best suited to leading the teams should she manage to get to the root of these messages she’s being sent. They are clearly coming from Tamaran, but I don’t think they’re about her sister.

Blackfire has been pivotal to the show finding the right balance in recent episodes, so I doubt she will be revealed as this dangerous killer.

What if another member of their family is alive? That would be a nice way to take the story, especially if it means we (finally!) get to visit Tamaran.

Is anyone else digging the chemistry between Connor and Blackfire? I mean, damn, they eat up every scene they’re in together, and their connection seems to be burning bright.

Superhero shows tend to botch relationships, but something about Titans Season 3 is ticking all the right boxes for me.

If there’s no needless relationship drama that takes away from the overall arc of the series, it’s worthwhile.

Kory’s reaction to their relationship was comical.

There was an emphasis on Connor being half bad thanks to his DNA, suggesting these two could go to the dark side at one point.

Scarecrow killing his mother was predictable, but the execution was breathtaking. The crafty editing had me questioning how it would be handled.

With only a handful of episodes of Titans Season 3 left, the stakes will probably be raised considerably, and with the return of Rachel coming up, it should be a fun ride to the finish line.

I had many reservations about this season when I first watched the early episodes, but as it has progressed, it’s clear the creative forces know what is and isn’t working and are taking the necessary action to rectify past complaints.

What are your thoughts on Tim Drake?

Are you surprised Kory is still getting messages?

What will happen now that Barbara will probably have to send people after the Titans?

Hit the comments below.

Titans continues Thursdays on HBO Max.

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