The Rookie Season 6 Episode 7 Spoilers: Post-Chenford Breakup is SUPER Awkward!


Oh, we’ve been eagerly awaiting The Rookie’s return.

There are some high expectations for The Rookie Season 6 Episode 7 as we’re left to wonder about the state of Chenford and how Lucy and Tim will interact with one another since their controversial breakup.

It was an act that left fans reeling, many bordering on angry, as Tim pushed Lucy away after a harrowing experience.

Hopefully, we can anticipate that the upcoming episode will pick up where The Rookie Season 6 Episode 6 left off or close to it, and we can face the aftermath of the various events that have seriously impacted Tim Bradford’s life.

As mentioned in the promo, Sergeant Grey doesn’t mince words to remind Bradford that within the past week, he’s dealt with a demotion from his position at Metro due to his misconduct and also broke up with Lucy.

It’s particularly amusing that Grey goes out of his way to acknowledge the breakup. He’s been lowkey a closet Chenford shipper himself.

But what’s more fun is that Chen and Grey will spend quality time together.

We see the two working together in the promo and a couple of stills.

For whatever reason, Grey is out in the field and on the beat, a refreshing change from hanging around the station in his office.

It’s always a blast when he’s on the scene of things, and we see him as an active cop partaking in solving cases and taking the lead out in the field.

But it’s the partnership with Chen that’s interesting. We don’t see the two of them interact with one another one-on-one too often.

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It’s an exciting prospect to have them playing off one another, especially since he’s Lucy’s boss, but she’s someone who doesn’t always have a filter.

We already see her discussing the breakup with Bradford while in the shop and spilling her guts to Grey as if he’s one of her besties.

The installment will be worth watching for that alone, as we’re bound to get some genuinely hilarious moments between the two.

It’s the most exciting dynamic in a minute.

To Grey’s credit, he’s riding shotgun to Lucy and more than willing to listen to her express her frustrations with Tim, and he may be up for giving her some advice.

Lucy is understandably not handling the breakup well, mainly because it still doesn’t make sense.

Hell, it doesn’t make sense to many of us.

Lucy’s trying to wrap her head around how easily Tim was just able to throw in the towel in her eyes when the going got tough and how he’s seemingly going out of his way to act as if they can transition back to being colleagues and friends.

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Naturally, Lucy isn’t ready to take those massive steps back when she still doesn’t agree with him cutting things off in the first place.

We catch a glimpse of them having an awkward interaction as Tim tries to act as if everything is fine and dandy and it’s just another morning of greeting each other as they did before their dating.

Meanwhile, Lucy is not ready for that and blows him off.

Good for her, but also, oof. From the looks of things, the Chenford angst isn’t ending anytime soon.

Hopefully, Bradford will learn something from his time spent with Blair London.

For reasons we have yet to grasp properly, Blair will be on a ride-along with Bradford for the day as he takes to the streets after getting booted back to street cop.

Because of his behavior, he has lost his Metro position. And we’re seeing Bradford back in the shop and on the beat.

One has to imagine that Blair riding along with him and looking rather beautiful while doing so means that Bradford will be compelled to talk about his emotions and feelings while she assesses him.

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Blair has a way of needling away at someone in her attempts to get to the bottom of things.

However, she also has a fascinating way of not walking along the lines that she should as a therapist. Seeing her trying to get something out of Bradford will be interesting.

He’s a guarded person who won’t be receptive to spending time with her, let alone opening up about how he’s feeling and having her assess him about the recent events in his life.

On a case front, we will also get some excellent content for Harper and Lopez.

The two of them always kick butt together, and this installment will be no exception.

It seems they may be leading the charge regarding a big case involving two missing teenagers.

It becomes all hands on deck when the team has to find these missing girls and figure out the reasoning behind their disappearance.

The case is putting Suarez and Nolan together, and it’s adorable to see some of the stills because that close-knit, almost paternal bond that Nolan has her with looks to be on display.

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Thorsen is also involved with the investigation, and he’s been doing rather well since he returned to the job after bouncing back from his shooting.

But it’s Harper and Lopez who appear to be doing a lot of heavy lifting for this case.

And they’re doing that while also dealing with their typical motherhood issues.

Both women are searching for a suitable nanny, and may the universe have mercy on the individuals competing for the gig.

The fact that it’s something that’s teased in the synopsis means that it will be a nice, fun, and likely humorous side story amid everything else.

And we may result in something unexpected, like both of them hiring a nanny we wouldn’t see coming.

Lopez and Harper’s bonding over motherhood is one of the most endearing aspects of their dynamic, and they’re doing it while being badass detectives.

It sounds like a promising return after a hiatus.

Over to you, The Rookie Fanatics. What are you looking forward to most? Sound off below.

The Rookie returns Tuesday at 9/8c on ABC. You can stream the following day on Hulu.

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