The Rookie Season 4 Episode 2 Review: Five Minutes


Despite the chaos of The Rookie Season 4 Episode 1, on The Rookie Season 4 Episode 2, it seemed like the team was back to regular business.

This episode had a special guest star, Tricia Helfer! She always seems to be popping up in all of our favorite shows now and then. Of course, she was as charming as always!

As the episode unraveled, the division gained a new rookie. Usually, this would be exciting though said rookie carries a significant burden on his shoulders at all times.

It seems like The Rookie wants to keep reminding the audience that they didn’t forget about Jackson West. The opening scene of this episode was an awkward conversation about what color to paint his room.

Tamara moved into West’s old room in Chen’s apartment; it seemed like Nolan was enlisted to help paint the walls against his will. Maybe he owed Chen a favor? Who truly knows.

Ambitious as always, Nolan revealed that he wanted to be a training officer by the following year. Slow down, Nolan! You just got promoted in the last episode; it’s good to set goals but at least make sure they are realistic. 

Speaking of promotions, Bradford finally got to become a Sergeant. He looks the part, despite the only difference in uniform being the badge and velcro emblems. But hey! Bradford got to lead his first roll call.

After casually giving Bradford a spiffy new silver plated badge, Grey introduces Harper to her new rookie. I can’t help but think they shoved this character into the show as a quick West replacement. However, even if they did, he certainly has an interesting backstory.

I’m giving you twenty seconds to introduce yourself before the rumor mill starts up.


Aaron Thorsen, portrayed by Tru Valentino, is the newcomer on the team. He seemed to carry controversy on his back wherever he goes because the scoffs that Harper let out were telling. Initially, the thought process was because he was a spoiled, rich, TikTok star — until they dropped the fact that he was accused of murder so casually.

Leave it to The Rookie to have our jaws on the floor. So not only did Thorsen go to court for murder, but it’s revealed that he also sued the LAPD to get himself into the academy?

Now, this show is fiction, but how is such a thing possible? Indeed, even if he was proven innocent, there is some stop to become an officer even if there was a legal proceeding?

Regardless, Bradford and Grey clear the air about him in roll call before anything chaotic happens. But, of course, this doesn’t stop Harper’s disdain for him, which is utterly hilarious to watch and satisfying until you hear the kid pour his heart out later.

It’s hard to side with Harper once the episode is done despite cheering her on for most of its runtime. How conflicting! At least, that’s how we see it.

I bet he looks even better out of that uniform.

Claire Ivy

During patrol around the city, Chen and Nolan continue their usual banter and joking before being taken aback by a speeding, obnoxiously bright yellow sports car. It’s always a blast when those two are on patrol together. Demand more, please! With a cherry on top?

Of course, the car is driven by none other than Claire Ivy, portrayed by Tricia Helfer. Heck, she is correct — it is a crime not to go that fast in that beautiful beast of a car (despite being a public nuisance and danger because speeding is terrible), but come on! That is one nice car.

As promised in the teaser– Claire Ivy turns out to be this super elusive thief who’s evaded police over 40 times in their investigations. The woman has done the crimes but not the time. Kind of a flex, if we’re honest?

I think I have a girl crush!


It’s easy to agree with Chen about her girl crush (also, she’s played by Tricia Helfer; who wouldn’t have a crush?). A side note that needs to be made is that while Chenford is beloved, having Chen be queer representation would be so cool! Don’t mention it would be important to many, many people.

It doesn’t even have to be brought up explicitly. Just little comments like the one about Claire would be excellent more often! Here for the queer Officer Chen agenda forever.

Her girl crush is so amusing to watch while Nolan stands to the side, absolutely mind-boggled at how Claire could get away with so much.

You could call it a rookie misfortune that Thorsen’s first call got to be a murder scene. The poor kid seemed to have a PTSD response to seeing a dead body– though, as Harper pointed out, it’s something you should be prepared for as an officer.

A murder on your first call is a bad sign, Five Minutes.


It’s hard to imagine going into a simple call and coming out calling homicide because a poor gal had been bludgeoned. Yikes.

On the plus side or untimely side, Nolan asked out Bailey, which included a stakeout at a crime scene. They haven’t seen each other since Lopez’s wedding, and he chose to swallow his pride and ask her out at a crime scene of all places?

And they say romance is dead.

Thank god for Nolan’s sake that Bailey says yes.

Could you imagine them telling their kids how they met? Daddy asked mommy at the scene of a murder. That’s how she knew he was the one! It’s tough to get over this, goodness.

Many of Harper’s scenes with Thorsen are her belittling him and saying he is not fit for the job — tough love or not. Wouldn’t that be considered workplace bullying to an extent? Also, personal bias shouldn’t get in the way of your ability to train.

Nolan: She’s a criminal, not a role model.
Chen: Who says she can’t be both?

Watching him get banned to front desk duty as a punishment was odd; it was just like any other duty for the rookies in Rookie Blue, so why was Thorsen so offended? Maybe the kid has a severe case of FOMO. He didn’t miss much, despite him thinking so.

Another hilarious part of this episode was watching Lopez attempt to parent while also judging that Thorsen got into her division. Having the 20/20 episode was an excellent comedic touch, really tying in how famous and severe Thorsen’s case was.

Also, baby Jack never sleeps. Finally, the real joys of parenting showed in 4K HD. Gotta love it!

Bailey: I guess that means the stakeout is over.
Nolan: But that doesn’t mean the date has to be.

The most Nolan date ever is taking Bailey to a stakeout instead of their original plans, and most of the jokes seemed to be a jab at trendy Los Angeles restaurants. Well, it was an attempted stakeout until Nolan and Bailey placed themselves front and center at the bar where everyone could see them.

Everyone act shocked that Claire saw Nolan! Quick!

The sass from Claire made everyone burst out laughing. Would you not expect someone accused of over 40 high-profile thefts to have not done their research on the cop that was tailing her? That woman read our recently promoted man to filth.

Bailey didn’t take the bait on Claire trying to embarrass Nolan, but our man scored later that night! In a way, Nolan can thank Claire for his successful date. There would have been no kiss if she didn’t end the stakeout!

Bailey: I guess that means the stakeout is over.
Nolan: But that doesn’t mean the date has to be.

The rest of the episode is standard. The team stops the heist from happening after Thorsen and Harper respond to a call that was eerily similar to their first call together. Thank God for no dead bodies this time, just a diversion!

Proceed to the chase and gun show before Nolan gets his lucky arrest! Can you believe that she’s gotten away with 40+ heists, and little ol’ Nolan catches her? We love to see our boy achieve so much.

We ate up those Chenford crumbs like it was our last meal on earth. Thank you, dear writers, for blessing not only Nolan with romance but a sickeningly sweet Chenford scene full of banter! What a way to end it.

Chen: What else do you appreciate about me?
Bradford: That you know when not to push your luck.

You can watch The Rookie online!

What did you think of this episode? Was it better than the premiere for you?

Caylynn Demings is a staff writer for TV Fanatic, who you can follow on Twitter.

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