Nine Perfect Strangers Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Wheels on the Bus


Everyone is spiraling out of control, but especially Carmel.

 On Nine Perfect Strangers Season 1 Episode 7, we saw just far gone Carmeh has become. I’ve suspected she had anger issues for a while, but the drugs are making her angrier and making her dissociate and think Masha was her ex-husband’s new girlfriend.

For no reason, Carmel started yelling and attacking Masha.

It’s enough that you stole him, you stole my kids too! Did you make them call you mom? I am their mother! I am their mother!


Unfortunately, Masha originally wanted Carmel to speak up more at the series. She even encouraged Carmel to beat the dummy in Nine Perfect Strangers Episode 4. However, she may have created a monster.

Now, Carmel is so hyped up on drugs, she’s not sure what she’s seeing and believing. Combine that with a hyper and angry person, Tranquillum House is in trouble.

She kept insisting that Masha not only stole her husband but her kids too, and then the kicker. She called her Lilyan.

It’s no wonder Yao wanted to sedate Carmel and lock her up in isolation, far from Masha and the others.

Carmel has an obsession with Masha. Once Yao tries to sedate her in her new room, all she worried about was if Masha hated her. I fear for Masha with Carmel’s obsession.

Carmel eventually decides to leave, stating she can get more help elsewhere. When Carmel states it’s not safe for Masha to be around her, Masha has another memory and looks terrified. Is Carmel the stalker?

Carmel’s attack on Masha affected almost everyone, and they realized they were spiraling out of control on the increased doses of the drugs.

After Jessica and Frances compare symptoms, Tony suggests to Frances that they fix up a house and get a dog together. She looked totally shocked.

This is real. I want to wake up with you every morning, fall asleep beside you every night. I want to know you. All of you.


Frances was terrified that it was too good to be true. She’s been hurt before. She considers herself a wash-up romance writer, therefore good things don’t happen to her.

She went to ask Masha about Tony’s dosage to see if Tony really likes her or if it’s just the pills talking.

Masha: Everybody’s afraid, Frances. Look around you.
Frances: Are you afraid?
Masha: I’m terrified.

Frances was afraid that Tony turn out like another Paul, since Paul seemed normal at the beginning too, but then he turned into someone who broke her heart. That hurt Tony since he’s opened up and shared more about life with Frances than anyone.

She’s afraid they have too much damage together. She’s not sure what scares her more — being happy with Tony or not having it work with Tony.

Both Frances and Masha faced their pasts together. Frances longed to be fearless like the 10-year-old girl she used be, and it depressed her that she has a hard time moving on.

Frances: I want to be that little girl, like you right?
Masha: I’m going to tell you something I’ve never told anyone. That girl girl who was riding the bike wasn’t me. She was my daughter.

This was the first time we’d seen Masha be truly vulnerable as she admitted how much she loved being a mother. She stated it was the only time she was ever truly happy.

Masha was devastated when Tatiana was hit by a car and killed.

Masha understands wanting to go back in time to get another chance and be happy again.

Lars is onto Masha. He’s covering the retreat center as a reporter, but just how much does he know? He seemed to infer that Mr. Connolly’s death was caused by using similar drugs that Masha is dosing the Marconi family with.

He also inferred that he believed Masha wanted to use those drugs to reunite with someone close to herself. Is he right? Does she want to see her daughter again?

In all honesty, Masha seemed way more gung-ho about dosing the Marconi family to reunite them with Zach than they are. They seem to be having second thoughts.

Heather wanted to the most since she needs to see her son again. Napoleon hoped it would give them closure as a family and help him forgive his wife, which he was currently struggling with.

Zoe was right when she said her family needed help. Getting past death is traumatic, but especially when blame gets shifted, and the surviving child has to deal with the angry, unforgiving parents.

The Marconi family needs real help, like therapy to get past this as a family.

I’m pretty sure Delilah agrees. The more she sees, the quicker she wants out of there since she doesn’t think they are equipped to deal with this.

She begged Yao to go with her, but he kept putting her off as always.

Yao: Just wait.
Delilah: I’m done waiting.

Delilah had enough. She’s feisty. She just packed her bags and left.

Not even Masha or a locked gate could stop Delilah now that her mind was made up.  We can’t wait to see the fallout.

Will she really send the cops over to Tranquillum House, when she was a part of them up until the time she left? Will she regret leaving and return or will Yao reach out to her?

Will Yao and Masha be able to hide any evidence or will the cops find any dirty dealings?

What do you think, TV Fanatics? Is Carmel Masha’s stalker? Will Masha and the Marconi family re-connect with their loved ones? Will Tony and Frances reconcile?

Find out in the season finale.

Nine Perfect Strangers drops on Wednesdays on Hulu.

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