Kin Sneak Peek: Closing In on the Kinsellas


Despite the multiple warnings she had for the family, the dealership has been compromised.

Amanda is under scrutiny, and she’s not going to leave her protection up to the Kinsella family.

Amanda, Michael, Jimmy, and Birdy have assembled because Frank has something to tell them.

With Eric locked up, they are all that remains to put up a fight against Eamon.

It seems like a realization that was a little too late, doesn’t it?

Amanda did as much as she could to bring attention to the outside forces closing in on the family, to no avail.

If you ask me, it’s time that Frank steps back and gives the reins to Amanda.

Fat chance, of course, but even he has to see how badly he’s handled everything.

In the clip, Jimmy even warns Amanda as she’s speaking up to Frank.

Nobody wants to worry Frank, but assets are getting seized, people are dying, and they’re all under attack.

At what point do they say enough is enough, and the pecking order doesn’t apply?

Amanda is looking out for her own interests now.

She’s secured an attorney to help her ride out the legalities associated with the dealership.

The family immediately finds that to be an additional concern. But if they didn’t have anything to hide, they wouldn’t care who she brought on board to protect her.

But they do have a lot to hide, and we’ve seen time and again that throwing each other to the wolves is a real possibility.

We’re almost at the end of this wild Kinsella family ride.

How do you think it’s all going to unfold before the closing credits on Kin Season 1 Episode 8?

I can tell you this: You will not see it coming.

New episodes of Kin drop on AMC+ on Thursdays.

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