I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Your Next Life Could Be So Much Happier


The killer has been revealed!

All the mystery pieces fell into place on I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 8. After weeks of bloody deaths, Wai Huna’s serial killer came into the light and left chaos in their way. Kudos to everyone who got it right.

But with the killer unmasked, did the reveal live up to the anticipation? Or was it just another summer memory?

“Your Next Life Could Be So Much Happier” kept us on our toes. Every time there was a chance of hope, the OG crew and the killer muddied the waters to make this a shocking and uneasy end.

Margot being the killer made a lot of sense.

I’m not saying this because I guessed that she and Kyle were involved in the killings early on. The reveal worked because her killer motivation fit the build-up to this moment; that everything we knew about Margot and her love for Lennon would push her to the brink.

Allison: Come on, Margot. You know who I am.
Margot: Yeah. You’re fucking Allison.
[Stabs her]

Brianne Tju did a fantastic job channeling and portraying the unhinged side of this character. It’s like a switch went off where every moment with Margot left us with dread and uneasiness. Plus, her killer stare buries into your soul.

She’s done great work as a slasher victim on Scream Season 1 and a Final Girl on Light As A Feather Season 1. But, her turn as the killer here blew it out of the water.

Margot’s reveal answered a long-burning question about the OGs and why certain people were murdered.

Of course, Margot would be the one to tell the difference between Allison and Lennon; she was obsessed with Lennon, so she’d figure it out first than any of their friends. The social media posts being the key was a cheeky gag, but the entire situation probably clued her to the truth.

And her picking off anyone who could’ve figured out the difference between the twins was a clever tactic. Since only Bruce and Allison knew the truth, all roads would lead back to them.

Margot thought through this plan. If it weren’t for the framing and spilling to her mother, she could’ve held onto that secret with no one being the wiser.

During “Your Next Life Could Be So Much Happier,” Dylan’s behavior didn’t help his case one bit. Whereas Margot embraced her unhinged side, Dylan crumbled under pressure and became cold.

He learned about the Lennon lie on I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 7, but what did he expect without any proof?

Lyla couldn’t do anything about his confession alone; it’s just his word against Allison’s. He should’ve lined up the pieces and got evidence before reacting emotionally. Allison and Bruce were much better at keeping their secret since they had done it for a year.

Margot was right on the money: he shouldn’t have gone to Lyla (i.e., Bruce’s girlfriend!) without a smoking gun.

His backup plan of framing Allison for the murders was only going to blow up in his face. Margot had him wrapped around her finger; let’s not forget that hours before their team-up, she tried to convince Allison that Dylan was the killer.

Having “Lennon’s” computer, the arctic spiders, and Riley’s severed arm all painted a bad picture. But the worst was him sneaking into Allison’s house yet another time.

Dylan: I came to give you another chance. You need to tell the truth and then I can help set you free.
Allison: You mean like you freed Clara?
Dylan: It’s what she wanted. A chance at redemption in the next life.
Allison: What the fuck does that mean?
Dylan: I helped prepare her for the prophecy.
Allison: You’re really scaring me.
Dylan: You’re the one holding the knife.

Dylan confronting a visibly scared Allison only added more to the long list of reasons he could be the killer.

If he had taken a step back and thought it out, he would’ve realized Allison and Bruce weren’t the killers. The Harold and Officer Doug deaths on I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 5 couldn’t have been them as they had alibis during “Allison’s” memorial. Everyone in town saw them on the beach; they couldn’t slip away to kill.

He only believed the theory because he felt betrayed by Allison.

Part of it could be due to him being a member of the cult.

“Your Next Life Could Be So Much Happier” had peak creepy Dylan vibes. Like, his entire vibe radiated eerie cold energy that made him seem more like the killer.

His break-in into Allison’s house was his creepiest moment yet.

Dylan being in the cult confirmed his connection to Clara and why he killed her in the caves. The second main story of I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 has been laddering up to the cult, so his twist looping back to the story worked perfectly.

It makes sense why he joined the group; he was traumatized by the hit-and-run accident and possibly needed salvation. And, some of the things he said were specific sayings the cult liked to say. The hints were all there to find.

If you were Allison, would you have chosen Margot over Dylan too? My jaw hit the floor when she sided with the serial killer.

Granted, Dylan burned a big bridge when he turned his back on Allison and told the cops about her. However, it didn’t seem that bad enough for Allison to throw him under the bus and frame him for all the murders. She still loved him (or it had seemed like it).

Plus, she’s now stuck with a psychotic serial killer who is obsessed with her. It’s only a matter of time before Margot falls back into her bad habits.

Margot: Never leave me. Okay?
Allison: Never.

It was a shocking twist that didn’t seem like the obvious answer.

Allison had reasons for choosing Margot, which made sense after her many years of being abandoned and feeling unloved. Hopefully, she doesn’t regret her decision and ruining Dylan’s life.

If she hadn’t reunited with her mother, I have a feeling the outcome would’ve turned out differently. Allison wouldn’t have reacted to Margot’s love plea the same way after being rejected earlier.

Can we all agree that Helen was the worst? Like, the most terrible parent in Wai Huna.

She couldn’t even fake it for a little bit to show her daughter some kindness. Helen only came back for the cult’s bible; she should’ve just called Bruce and had him courier the book to her instead of wasting a flight.

Her claim that there was something wrong inside Allison was laughable because Helen was ten times worse. No sympathy at all when she became the killer’s next victim!

The question of the Lennon lie ran throughout “Your Next Life Could Be So Much Happier.” Lyla following up on Dylan’s tip showed promise because she took her job seriously and checked in on things.

However, my problem with her investigation was that she only relied on two photos to make the final decision. Seriously, two desk photos!

Lennon and Allison are identical twins. Why didn’t she check other photos? Do fingerprint testing? Look back at notes taken over the dead body?

I saw Allison. She’s still as difficult as ever. I can only imagine the terrible things that you two did that made her take her sister’s identity.


The Wai Huna police department is sloppy; they should’ve done a complete examination of “Allison’s” body when it washed up. If the truth ever comes out, Lyla and the police should look back to this moment as to when they messed it up.

And the mystery will no doubt come up again. Someone is bound to spill the truth about the Lennon lie again.

Last Thoughts From The Caves:

  • Riley’s eyes opened! Is she alive? Could the show be exploring paranormal plotlines?
  • Mei will do anything to protect her daughter, including hiding her murderous secret. Hopefully, she’s paying Kyle double for cleaning up the mess.
  • How big were Clara’s house and compound? The secret underground lab looked massive.
  • Allison might have known she was running over Lennon on the highway. It’s an interesting theory, but the dream/flashback didn’t make the answer clear.

Now, over to you, IKWYDLS fans.

What did you think of “Your Next Life Could Be So Much Happier”?

Is Riley alive? Will Dylan clear his name? Did you like the killer reveal?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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