Ghosts Season 4: Everything We Know So Far


This past season of hit shows was heavily dominated by the CBS network, with multiple series like Tracker and Elsbeth making headlines across the television airways.

Ghosts is definitely in good company. There are so many great shows to watch back to back, especially with so many series on hiatus now that we’re entering the summer months.

Season 3 of this whimsically funny show has come and gone, and viewers are likely already chomping at the bit for the next season—and we don’t blame them after that epic cliffhanger in the finale.

What is Ghosts about?

The series revolves around Sam and Jay, a married couple from NYC who learn that Sam’s late great-aunt recently passed away. Since Sam is the last living heir, she inherits her aunt’s big countryside mansion.

Filled with hope for a new life, the couple moves in to renovate the home into a B&B business.

Unbeknownst to the new owners, the mansion already has residents, some of whom have lived there for hundreds of years.

When Sam takes a tumble down the stairs, she has a near-death experience that leaves her with the ability to see ghosts that haven’t yet moved on.

In this new situation, Sam and Jay do their best to get their business up and running while also making the living arrangements suitable for the ghosts.

What Happened in Season 3 of Ghosts?

There was a lot that went down in the third season of the series, the first of which was the mystery of who got “sucked off” at the end of the second season in Ghosts Season 2 Episode 22, “The Heir.”

In a frantic panic, Sam searched the Woodstone grounds to find Flower missing.

After half a season of everyone mourning her and Thor moving on with a surprising amount of bedmates, Flower was discovered trapped at the bottom of a well from chasing a butterfly.

In more ghostly news, it was revealed that Sass has had the ghost power to enter the dreams of the living and has kept the ability a secret to use for his own gains.

Pete also made headlines with ghost powers after discovering he could travel beyond the ghost boundary.

The former camp counselor even took a tropical trip where he met a fun beach bunny to mingle with before discovering that he starts to fade into oblivion if he’s away from the Woodstone property for too long.

Unfortunately for Pete, it’s not all good news as his cheating ex-wife also dropped dead on the property, leaving the dearly departed couple trapped in each other’s afterlives.

Will there be a Fourth Season?

Ghosts Renewed for Season 4 at CBS

Fans of the show can rest easy, as Ghosts was, in fact, renewed for another season. The news came partly through the third season of the show in March 2024. As of right now, there is no set schedule for its premiere, but the next season is slated for a 2024-2025 airing.

Production for season four is set to begin sometime in July.

Who will be in the Fourth Season?

As of now, the main cast is set to return, which includes: 

Rose McIver (iZombie) as Sam

Utkarsh Ambudkar (Avatar: The Last Airbender) as Jay Arondekar

Devan Chandler Long (Doom Patrol) as Thorfinn “Thor”

Roman Zaragoza (Stumptown) as Sasappis “Sass”

Brandon Scott Jones (The Good Place ) as Captain Isaac Higgintoot

Rebecca Wisocky (Devious Maids) as Henrietta “Hetty” Woodstone

Danielle Pinnock (Young Sheldon) as Alberta Haynes

Ghost’s Danielle Pinnock on Alberta’s Murder Mystery and Her Hopes for Season 3

Sheila Carrasco (Jane the Virgin) as Susan “Flower” Montero

Richie Moriarty (Orange in the New Black) as Peter “Pete” Martino

Asher Grodman (Succession) as Trevor “No Pants” Lefkowitz

There are still a fair number of recurring characters, both living and dead, who could easily reappear in the next season as they have in previous ones, such as the basement ghosts or neighbors of Woodstone B&B like the Farnsbys.

There could be some new faces, as season 3 established that other ghosts had gotten lost on the bed and breakfast property.

What will Season 4 be about?

No plot details have been released yet, but based on where the show left things after the finale, there are a few unresolved issues that will likely be touched on, at least at the beginning of the next season.

Jay is still working towards turning the broken-down barn on the property into a fully functioning restaurant to lure guests to the B&B for destination dining.

Then there’s Isaac. Without giving too much away, the revolutionary soldier was last seen finding himself in a very dark place, as a new old ghost was discovered on the property.

Whoever this new Ghost is, the show has yet to make an official casting, as everything but the face of the character was seen.

Roman Zaragoza on Ghosts ‘Sweet Messages,’ Representation & Acting Alongside His Father

Now that Pete can come and go as he pleases with the option to manually “suck himself off,” it’ll be interesting to see how Alberta contends with her budding feelings with the camp counselor.

If nothing else, let’s hope Elias Woodstone makes another return from hell as the former head of Woodstone Manor hasn’t been seen since Ghosts Season 2 Episode 17, “Weekend from Hell.”

Where can I watch Ghosts?

You can rewatch the first three seasons of the show on Paramount+. When the series eventually returns, episodes will air on CBS and then be available on the app.

Are you excited for the next season of this charming series? What did you think of the cliffhanger, and what do you think will happen to Isaac?

Drop a comment below to let us know, and join us when Ghost returns later this year!

Joshua Pleming is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. You can follow him on X.

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