Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 6-24-24: A Popular Character Returns With a Different Face


Days of Our Lives is finally bringing a character back who should have returned a while ago.

No, it’s not Abigail, though there will probably be some storyline movement with the mysterious lady on the tape, too.

Instead, Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 6-24-24 include an on-screen visit at Statesville prison between Stefan and his wife, giving us our first look at the recast Gabi.

Recasts are always tricky. Some fans get attached to a particular actor and feel that all other actors playing the character are imposters.

Still, a recast Gabi is better than no Gabi at all. Even though she was never my favorite character, Gabi is an essential part of the canvas right now, and she needs to be on screen.

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It’s bad enough that Tripp and Wendy were written out before anyone tried to reopen the investigation into Li Shin’s murder; at least the person falsely accused of that murder will soon be back on our screens.

According to the spoiler video, Gabi will get a visit from Stefan, who is there to tell her she’s coming home soon.

Beginning this way is a smart choice because it lets us judge the chemistry between Gabi and Stefan (Brandon Barash) immediately.

Of course, Gabi won’t be so forgiving when she learns that Stefan slept with Ava while Gabi was locked up!

Gabi’s return will be terrible news for Ava, on top of the blow she receives this week.

Spoilers say that Harris is there to tell her he’s leaving town in search of Megan Hathaway — and that he needs time apart to consider whether he can stay with Ava when she tried to kill Clyde.

That’s a split for the sake of drama, if there’s ever been one. Days of Our Lives had to write Harris out because Steve Burton left the cast, but this excuse makes no sense.

Harris was fine with Ava secretly running a drug operation for months that might have been to blame for Holly’s overdose and had no problem with her breaking Clyde out of prison… but trying to kill the man who caused all the misery was a step too far. What?

Please scroll down to check out all eight Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 6-24-24.

Theresa flies off the handle after catching Holly and Tate together, but Nicole isn’t having it.

I knew that Nicole wouldn’t accept any nonsense from Theresa.

Nicole’s disappointment in Holly’s behavior is one thing, but do NOT try to bully Holly, especially not if you’re an adult, and Holly is a somewhat vulnerable teenage girl.

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Theresa thinks she’s protecting her child, too, but she’s more or less picking on a teenager, and that’s not cool. Someone has to put her in her place; nobody can do that like Nicole Walker!

This should be an epic fight, and one based on a lot more solid reasons than Sami’s constant and unnecessary rivalry with Nicole used to have.

Diana has something to say when Leo visits her in prison.

I will forever be annoyed that Diana Colville’s character was retconned into a cheap imitation of Vivian Alamain. Still, there’s no denying that Judith Chapman is a powerhouse of a soap actor.

Where is Days of Our Lives going with this story? Could this lead to him helping reveal the truth about baby Jude’s parentage?

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That story must be resolved soon, and Diana appears to have something significant to say to her son.

Still, how would she know anything about that convoluted mess? Sloan ran away rather than face prison, and no one else behind bars could tell her.

Is Chanel going to lose the baby?

Chanel experiences severe cramping, suggesting she might miscarry. I hope not. Miscarriages are not only a tired TV trope but a depressing one, and they happen to far too many women in Salem.

In Chanel’s case, Paulina will blame herself even though the miscarriage probably has nothing to do with the radiation exposure. Chanel is still in her first trimester, which has the most significant risk of spontaneous miscarriage.

Plus, her half-sister Lani also had a miscarriage once, so there could be a genetic component.

There’s also another, more horrible possibility. EJ wanted Chanel and Johnny to abort the baby, and he was at the going away party — could he have slipped something into Chanel’s (non-alcoholic) drink to induce a miscarriage?

I hate the idea, but I wouldn’t put it past EJ, even though that would make his character irredeemable.

Xander opens up to Sarah about his relationship with Victor.

It’s the beginning of the end of Theresa’s lie about who Victor’s heir is. It has to be as if Xander is suddenly talking about how sad he is that Victor never treated him well.

Besides, now that Konstantin is dead, the only piece of the puzzle left is Theresa’s involvement in the forgery scam.

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It’s beyond time for this ridiculous story to end.

I still think it’s out of character for Theresa to take a break from trying to woo Brady to get revenge on a guy she’s barely thought about in years, but since that’s how DAYS wrote it, she needs some comeuppance ASAP.

Are the walls closing in on Theresa?

Not only has Theresa forged the signature on a letter to make Alex Victor’s heir instead of Xander, but she’s running around complaining about how horrible a person Holly supposedly is.

I’m curious how Tate and Brady will react when the truth comes out.

Alex will likely dump Theresa — we could be in for yet another wedding derailment since he’s planning on proposing to her soon. However, Brady might be more forgiving… maybe.

Brady is the one Theresa wants anyway, but she also wants a relationship with Tate, and he probably won’t be happy that she interfered with his pursuit of Holly while engaging in far worse behavior than Holly ever did.

We get our first glimpse of the recast Gabi.

Welcome, Cherie Jimenez!

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As discussed above, recasts can be challenging, but I hope people give Jimenez a chance to make the role her own.

I’m interested in how Gabi will be when she gets out of prison. The prison scenes on Days of Our Lives are always stereotypical and unrealistic, so they’re not the best way to introduce a character.

Paulina blames herself for Chanel’s plight.

Of course.

Paulina shouldn’t have exposed Chanel to radiation. Still, ever since the pregnancy storyline began, she’s become a one-note character who constantly beats herself up for what she did to her daughter.

I would rather Days of Our Lives finished what it started and allowed Chanel to carry to term.

However, if she doesn’t, there’s no need for scene after scene of Paulina blaming herself, especially if Chanel doesn’t get equal screen time to process her own grief.

Eric has life-changing news for Nicole.

This spoiler could be about the baby switch, but I doubt it.

Spoilers say that earlier in the week, EJ will admit he saw Nicole and Eric’s drunk kiss.

That makes it perfect timing for Eric to admit he still has feelings for Nicole.

Will these two reunite even before they learn the truth about baby Jude?

Over to you, Days of Our Lives fanatics.

Which spoilers are you most looking forward to, and are you glad Gabi is back?

Hit the comments and let us know!

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