Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 5-27-24: Heartbreaking Scenes For Eric, But At Least The Baby-Switchers Face Some Consequences


The longer the baby switch went on, the more people would get hurt… and it’s not over yet.

Nicole and EJ will welcome baby Jude with open arms on Days of Our Lives during the week of 5-27-24, but their joy is Eric’s heartbreak.

The ex-priest will leave the mansion devastated, aware he’s done the right thing but not realizing that he’s baby Jude’s father and has every right to be in his life. Spoilers say that several people get their comeuppance, but is that enough?

According to the spoiler video, Sloan decides to visit Nicole at the Dimera mansion, and Nicole punches her.

Catfights and violence between women is a despicable and tired TV trope that needs to go, but there’s no denying Sloan deserves that and more.

It’s bad enough that she resented the hell out of baby Jude taking Eric’s attention away from her, lied to him on countless occasions, and repeatedly humiliated him through obnoxious and drunken behavior.

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That doesn’t count all the things she did before she got with Eric (like using her office to harass Chanel, the victim of Sloan’s father’s sexual harassment). 

Why Sloan Deserves to Suffer

This scheme and its aftermath are the worst of all the horrible things Sloan’s done.

She made a woman who had already lost two children to miscarriages believe that she’d lost a third baby, and now she’s making Eric think he’s not Jude’s father so that he is forced to walk away from the baby altogether.

That will not only devastate Eric but will cause psychological damage to the infant, whose caregivers will have disappeared and left him with strangers after six months of bonding with him.

Nicole has babysat before, so Jude knows her a little bit, but still. This will mess with the child’s ability to trust people when he gets older, and that’s on Sloan.

She is not the type of character fans love but don’t want to hang out with. She’s Sami without any of the softer side, good intentions, or sympathetic motives that made Sami a beloved character.

Consequences All Around Town

Sloan will suffer some consequences when she gets in that fight with Nicole. If she were smart, she’d stay away now that the truth is out, but she’s ridiculous enough to confront Nicole in Nicole’s own home.

Meanwhile, Eric confronts Leo for his part in this despicable plot, and Rafe questions Melinda.

Good. Melinda’s ruthlessness and focus on saving her own skin are too much, and she needs to be taken down a peg.

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This storyline will need to wrap up soon since Ari Zucker’s last scenes are due to air in July, but in the meantime, hopefully, Sloan and Melinda are in for a world of hurt even before Eric learns the truth.

Once the whole truth comes out, EJ will lose Nicole to Eric. Despite hating the idea of Eric and Nicole as a couple, I’m rooting for this because EJ brought it on himself.

He and Nicole could have worked out co-parenting with Eric, who really should still be allowed in Jude’s life even if he’s supposedly not the biological father.

Instead, EJ decided to do the same thing Sloan did and lie about who the father is to keep his marriage intact.

EJ and Nicole could have been a power couple, but it looks like they’ll split for the sake of drama once Nicole learns that Eric is the father of her baby.

That is EJ’s fault. His worst fear will come upon him because of his manipulations, and he will have no one to blame but himself (though he will probably not admit it.)

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Despite her shock, Nicole is determined to be a good mother to baby Jude.

Nicole and EJ will welcome baby Jude with open arms while Eric says a heartbreaking goodbye.

EJ thinks he’s gotten away with his lie.

Nicole will tell Holly and Johnny that this is their baby brother and EJ will celebrate being a father.

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But Leo is still a wild card. EJ paid him off to keep his mouth shut about the baby being Nicole’s, but now that Nicole knows, there’s no reason for Leo to stay quiet… and Eric has something to say to him.

Harris and Ava go after Clyde after learning his likely location.

Yawn. This Clyde story has dragged on forever, and Harris and Ava teaming up to get him doesn’t help matters.

Despite rumors that Steve Burton’s General Hospital role would be recast when he left in 2021, he returned a while ago, so Harris’ time on Days of Our Lives is drawing to a close.

Plus, this Clyde story is not interesting despite James Read being one of Days of Our Lives’ most talented actors. 

The only thing I want to know about this is who will kill Clyde. Ava threatened to, and Steve waisn’t interested in getting in her way. Chad and EJ have had a long-standing feud with him. 

If Clyde is found dead, the hatred for him could lead to a compelling whodunit. Otherwise, stay off my screen, and let’s get back to stories that viewers actually care about!

Chad supports Stephanie while Marlena and Jada plan an intervention for Everett/Bobby.

The last time Days of Our Lives did a Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) storyline, it was neither great nor accurate. Abigail’s DID led to silly visuals, such as the character imagining being in a room with a phone that her alternate personalities interfered with. 

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In a gross storyline, Stefan raped her by pretending he didn’t know that she had slipped into an alternate personality when she flirted with him 30 seconds after telling him she didn’t want him to touch her.

So far, Everett/Bobby’s storyline is somewhat more realistic, with Everett seeming clueless about the trouble his alter ego has caused every time he switches back into himself.

The good personality and evil alternate are still stereotypical and reinforce negative stereotypes about people with this disorder being violent. It’s less campy than Abigail’s version, so it has the potential to be a decent story anyway.

Goldman resurfaces — could Lucas be in danger?

Lucas runs into the corrupt former cop while dressed like a monk. What is she doing there?

I’m tired of people hiding in convents. The monastery and associated places should be for people who take their vows seriously, not those running away from their previous bad behavior.

It’s second only to annoying love triangles as a plot device on Days of Our Lives.

Still, if Lucas redeems himself by catching Goldman so that he can get out of jail altogether, I’m all for this development. Let’s end this story already!

Theresa may have a new job lined up.

Stefan wants Theresa to manage the Bistro, but is this a legitimate job?

It’s hard to tell where this is going. Gabi’ll probably be back soon, but how does Theresa figure into that storyline?

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Theresa has secrets that she can’t afford to get out, literally. Stefan and Gabi are master blackmailers.

But what is the point of them messing with her?

Nicole gives Sloan the epic dressing-down she deserves.

Sloan should leave well enough alone, but she’s stupid and desperate enough to bother Nicole.

She probably wants Nicole to let Eric see the baby, thinking that engineering it will stop him from divorcing her.

She may also be at the mansion to check in with EJ and make sure he makes good on helping her leave town.

EJ has probably gone past the point of no return, but he’ll get his later. Right now, let’s enjoy Nicole punishing Sloan the way she deserves.

Has Melinda’s luck run out now that Rafe is aware of the baby switch?

According to the spoiler video, Rafe questions Melinda, who pretends not to know anything about the baby switch.

Melinda deserves to squirm even if she isn’t found out for a while. She was the mastermind behind this idea and has no right to expect that she will escape consequences for it.

Interestingly, Rafe is the one to confront her. He and Nicole could have been a fantastic couple if they’d been written correctly.

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Hopefully, he’ll at least see through Melinda’s lies quickly. Rafe is supposed to be a former FBI agent, but all too often, he’s written as stupid for plot purposes.

Eric confronts Leo about his role in the deception.

Leo’s complicated role in this story demonstrates why Days of Our Lives made a mistake when they wrote him out in 2019.

He feels a bond with baby Jude and genuinely wants to be a better person, but he’s like Xander from a few years ago—all you have to do is offer him money, and he’ll do whatever illegal or immoral thing you want.

He has no reason to keep his mouth shut about EJ paying him off. The point of the arrangement was to ensure Nicole didn’t learn the baby was hers, but now Jude’s back in her arms.

Leo doesn’t know the baby is Eric’s, but if Eric confronts him, he’ll likely let it slip that it made no sense to him that EJ was determined to hide the fact that his son was still alive.

That could be a problem if Eric puts two and two together, though Eric has been clueless about this whole thing, so it’s not guaranteed.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics.

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