Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 5-13-24: FINALLY Some Movement on Who Killed Li Shin, But Now Maggie’s Story Is Missing


Li Shin didn’t seem like he would ever get justice.

After Gabi found him bleeding out on the floor of his apartment and stupidly grabbed the knife, she was carted off to jail despite her innocence. No one did anything about getting her out or finding Li’s real killer… until now. 

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 5-13-24 say that Stefan wants to reopen Li’s case, but EJ isn’t having it, and that’s far from the only thing happening in this long-forgotten story.

Li’s killer is probably Clyde — who else would it be?

Clyde already stabbed one person (Abigail). Li lived in the same apartment as Ava, who was ambivalent about giving in to Clyde’s threats and running his drug operation. And Gabi landing in prison gave Clyde leverage over Stefan.

All clues point to Clyde, which would mean he’s innocent if this were a well-written mystery. But Days of Our Lives often goes for the tired TV trope of the clues being obvious and the cops being too stupid to put them together.

There’s a ton of movement toward undoing all this, with Rafe realizing Abigail and Li’s murders are linked, the blood on that diary being a significant clue, and Stefan pressuring EJ to reopen the case.


It’s beyond time to resolve this story. Gabi has been stuck in prison for months while everyone ignored it (except for Clyde, who used Gabi’s predicament to force Stefan to do his bidding).

Days of Our Lives needed a new actress to play Gabi after Camila Banus’ surprise exit. Still, it’s been months since this story was last mentioned, and Gabi’s been off-screen in Statesville all this time. Ridiculous!

As great as it is that the writers finally remembered they hadn’t finished a murder mystery, it’s annoying that Maggie’s story has disappeared.

Maggie just got proof that Konstantin is after her inheritance and planned to kill her once they were married. She swore he messed with the wrong redhead and that she knew exactly how to handle him.

Then, the story disappeared, and there are no spoilers for it this week except one about John and Steve being worried about Konstantin’s reaction when it all falls apart.

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After months of radio silence, there’s finally some movement on Li Shin’s murder investigation.

As discussed above, it’s beyond time to pick up this story again. 

The investigation gathers steam after Ava learns that the blood on Clyde’s black book is Li’s. Even though Li died months ago, his blood is fresh and sticky, leading to this discovery.

Only in Salem can something like that happen! If that nonsense is what it takes to jump-start this story, so be it.

Eric and Nicole continue working together on the homeless story.

Nicole said they’d already submitted the story for publishing, so what is there left to work on?

The two are writing a serious story about homeless encampments in Salem, which is a meaty story that should have been on-screen.

The story they’re working on seems to be an afterthought for the writers, with the point being that Eric and Nicole are more and more drawn to each other as they work together.

We’ve been down this road way too many times already. Let’s not do it again.

Stefan goes to Paulina after EJ refuses to open the Li Shin case.

The war between EJ Dimera and Paulina Price is heating up! Yes, please.

Sure, Paulina’s loud insistence on her way can be off-putting sometimes, but she’s a force to be reckoned with, and EJ won’t easily intimidate or trick her to get his way.

So far, two of the three cases he’s tried have been thrown out when his defendants were proven innocent. If Stefan gets proof Gabi has been wrongfully imprisoned, too, that’s likely the end of his DA career.

I don’t know why EJ wants to hold onto it when he’s also reclaiming the CEO spot at Dimera Enterprises, but his refusal to reopen this case is probably as much a matter of political survival as it is of refusing to give Stefan an inch.

More drama is ahead for Tate and Holly when she stops answering his texts.

I hope Tate and Holly don’t have another split for the sake of drama, though if anyone should have super-dramatic relationships, it’s teenagers.

Emotions and hormones run high when kids begin experimenting with romance, and in this case, they’ve got parents working against them and their best friends throwing monkey wrenches into the works.

Holly’s best friend thinks Tate is cute and asked him to the prom and Holly is going with Tate’s best friend. That can’t possibly end well, even if they resolve the text ghosting situation.

Xander proposes to Sarah!

I cannot get over that adorable proposal onesie. They say you shouldn’t use your kids to make a point, but this is a definite exception.

Xander and Sarah have been through the wringer, with Sarah initially hiding the pregnancy and Victoria’s parentage from Xander because she was worried about his criminal behavior and Xander ending up in jail for a crime he didn’t commit soon after they finally got back together.

If she says yes, which I’m sure she will, I hope we can have an old-fashioned soap wedding where love wins out instead of one that gets aborted when a guest turns everyone’s lives upside down.

Days of Our Lives has had more than enough weddings that haven’t happened. We need some payoff for all the angst this couple has been through!

Theresa is stuck in the middle between Maggie and Alex.

Yawn. The only Maggie spoiler I care about is how she plans to expose Konstantin.

Her arguments with Alex over business end up being petty on both sides and not very interesting, though I’m curious how Theresa will respond.

Maggie has more important things to do than fight with Alex, like turn the tables on the grifter she thought loved her. Let’s get on with it already.

Nicole finds something special of Abigail’s.

Nicole finds Abigail’s diary. I’m not sure what this has to do with anything, but the spoiler video suggests that it’s a big clue as to who killed Li.

Do we need a flashing neon sign to alert the cops that Clyde is a person of interest here? Everyone knows that Clyde killed Abigail. We didn’t have that fake fishing story alibi get exposed for nothing.

So if Abigail’s diary has a clue as to who killed Li, wouldn’t that be even more proof that Clyde did it? How many innocent suspects will we lock up before the cops figure that out?

John and Steve worry about how Konstantin will deal with his plan falling apart.

Maggie Horton is far from a fool, but she’s acted like one during this story.

She shouldn’t have needed John to pretend to be brainwashed and steal her prenup to figure out what was going on here, but she did, and now here we are.

The guys are worried that Konstantin will get violent as the plan unravels, and they could be right. A black widow killer like Konstantin wouldn’t think twice about hurting others when he doesn’t get his way.

Let’s hope this doesn’t end with Konstantin taking Maggie hostage. Days of Our Lives relies far too much on this plot device.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics! 

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