Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 4-29-24: EJ Promises One Hell of a Confrontation After Sloan’s Plans Unravel!


Hell hath no fury like a Dimera scorned, especially when that Dimera is EJ.

On Days of Our Lives during the week of 4-29-24, Sloan faces her worst nightmare after EJ learns something she’s been desperate to keep hidden from him.

The pent-up rage EJ’s been holding onto is about to explode, and Sloan deserves every bit of it.

No one does anger and vengeance like Dan Fuerriegel’s version of EJ. These scenes will be amazing, especially after waiting MONTHS for someone to realize what Sloan was up to.

She did not know what she was risking, though there is one card Sloan could still play that could leave even EJ Dimera speechless.

By the end of the week, EJ will know that Nicole’s baby didn’t die and that Sloan stole him to raise with Eric — but what he doesn’t know is that Eric is the boy’s biological father.

Many fans have speculated that EJ will learn this extra tidbit but keep it to himself to hold onto Nicole. Please tell us that’s not how this will go down!

This is 2024. Women don’t have to marry their baby’s biological father if they don’t want to.

The idea that EJ has to bow out and let Nicole marry Eric so that she and Eric can raise their baby together is a tired TV trope that needs to go away.

Still, if Sloan plays that card right, it could allow her to retain custody of the baby — if Eric doesn’t find out what she’s done and kick her to the curb.

As Salem’s most competent lawyer, Sloan could make the case that Eric is not only the only father the child has ever known but also his biological father, so he should retain custody.

She could then ask the judge to allow Nicole supervised visits with her son but bar EJ from having any contact with the child despite his marriage to Nicole.

Sloan winning such a custody agreement only happens in Salem, especially if Eric opposes it, but it would throw a heartbreaking twist into this story.

Please scroll down to learn about eight spoilers, including how this secret unravels and what we think about them.

Tripp and Wendy leave Salem.

If you’re sad about this, could you please hit the comments?

Wendy has been widely panned as a dull, one-dimensional character, which is disappointing. When she came to Salem, she had SO much potential!

She was the daughter of a powerful Chinese family that dismissed her abilities because of her gender, but she was determined to prove her parents wrong. Now, she’s a shell of her former self, and not because of her PTSD.

Wendy got shoved into one annoying Days of Our Lives love triangle after another, and her fascinating backstory was thrown away in favor of men falling all over each other to win her affection. The sooner this version of Wendy goes off-screen, the better.

Brady bonds with his daughter while Theresa calls Alex out about his relationship with Kristen.

Brady and Rachel’s time should be good, especially if Rachel can avoid being obnoxious, but the rest of this is a waste of film.

Theresa’s playing games with Alex, pretending not to want him so that he’ll be more likely to want her — even though he would take her back in a heartbeat if she was interested.

Alex deciding to have sex with Kristen shows he still has terrible judgment when it comes to women, but otherwise, it is uninteresting and doesn’t need to take up any more screen time than it already has.

When Chanel falls ill, is it because of Paulina exposing her to radiation?

This radiation poisoning storyline, if that’s what it is, could have been great if handled correctly.

The setup for this was ridiculous, and so is Chanel going from fine to having every symptom of radiation poisoning in the space of a few minutes.

The spoiler video shows Paulina sobbing to Kayla Brady that she gave Chanel radiation poisoning, but is that even what the diagnosis is, or is Paulina jumping to conclusions?

Too many women on Days of Our Lives have discovered they’re pregnant when they are overly tired, dizzy, or weak to buy that Chanel’s case is something else unless Kayla confirms it.

Will Marlena be able to convince Everett to continue with therapy?

Marlena wants to know why Everett has stopped therapy.

Why do people ask him obvious questions and expect deep answers or nefarious motives?

Just as Everett didn’t want to sign the divorce papers because he didn’t remember being Bobby, he doesn’t want to continue with therapy because the image he saw while under hypnosis scared him.

A world-renowned psychiatrist such as Marlena Evans should be able to intuit that without interrogating Everett. If their scenes are more about her trying to convince him to give therapy another shot, they could be worthwhile.

Konstantin puts John under his control.

Ugh, I wish little Thomas had kept that Pawn card!

John turning back into the Pawn and doing Konstantin’s bidding is not enjoyable, especially not after that year-long storyline where Marlena was possessed by the Devil and doing all sorts of evil things while her loved ones failed to realize something was wrong.

This story isn’t any different, except it’s a human pulling John’s strings instead of a supernatural entity. The only enjoyable aspect of it is the thought that Konstantin will eventually be found out and kicked to the curb.

No one is happy about Maggie’s wedding plans.

Maggie is still naive to the point that this story has ruined her character.

She gets a point for drawing up a prenup, but that’s not enough to protect herself from Konstantin.

He watched her put it in the safe and was probably memorizing the combination as she opened it. Either that or he wants John to break into the safe and destroy the prenup.

This story never should have happened. A sweet romance between Maggie and Konstantin would have been far superior to this nonsense.

Things come to a head for Sloan after she is forced to cut Leo off from her money.

Sloan knew that paying Leo off was not a sustainable plan. She tried to put him on a budget before he bled her dry, but somehow, it never occurred to her that she would need to pay her rent and bills if she didn’t want Eric to find out what she’d been up to.

Sloan has never been the kind of villain I love even though I’d never hang out with her. Still, she’s not stupid or wasn’t until now.

Everything will fall apart now, with Leo telling EJ the truth because his gravy train dried up and Eric possibly overhearing. Watch out, Sloan!

Eric working at the paper, too, sparks mixed feelings for Nicole.

It doesn’t take a brilliant investigative mind to realize what’ll happen with this story.

It already happened when Nicole and Rafe imploded after Nicole had sex with Eric in the office.

This time, both characters are in the right jobs for them. Nicole is far better suited to be a reporter than as a high-powered executive at a fashion company, and Eric’s always had a passion for photography that rivaled his desire to serve God.

It would be a shame if either quit because of the other, but could we please avoid conference table sex this time around?

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics. What do you think of these upcoming stories?

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