Daniel Bellomy, LaToya Tonodeo, and Lovell Adams-Gray On Ghost Season 2 & Fan Reaction!


Being under Monet Tejada’s thumb has never been easy for her children or her nephew.

And when Power Book II: Ghost returns for a second season, there will still be a lot of tension between Monet and Dru and some exciting developments as both Diana and Zeke look to forge their own paths.

TV Fanatic spoke with Daniel Bellomy, LaToya Tonodeo, and Lovell Adams-Gray about the dynamics of their characters with queenpin Monet and how much the Power fans have embraced them.

Daniel, Zeke seems to be pulled in a lot of different directions, and he seems to want to please people, but ultimately sometimes it seems like that can be at the expense of his happiness. So, can you kind of speak to that and what you think Zeke ultimately wants for himself?

Daniel: I think family is definitely one of Zeke’s core values. I mean, he wants that closeness. He wants that feeling of love and intimacy. But, he doesn’t have the discernment to understand what’s good for him right now. So, I think that he’s going to have to learn.

He’s definitely going to be pulled into greater awareness of just the environment that he’s around and the reality of some of the dangers existing there.

Diana’s growth throughout season one was one of my favorite storylines, and I hope we get to see more of that in season two. So, LaToya, can you kind of talk a bit about that growth, and will Diana continue to pursue her own self-interests?

LaToya: Absolutely. I feel exactly what you’re saying. So, in the beginning of season one, you found Diana trying to find her footing, find her place, find her voice. With season two, growth is definitely happening, and it’s happening fast. I feel like she’s losing a little bit of that innocence. She’s growing up. She’s maturing.

And she’s speaking up, and she’s making moves that she feels are good for the family.

And, I feel like I would describe Diana this season as very methodical. She’s not just doing things to do them or to prove to Monet, “Look what I did, do you like this?”

I feel like Diana’s like, “No, I’m making this decision. And I feel like this is best for either Diana, the family, whoever it may be.” So, we’re going to be on a good ride this season. And, I’m so happy that Diana is maturing and becoming her own woman.

Awesome. Dru, in season one, is in a down place with the shooting. Lovell, can you kind of speak to his headspace coming into season two?

Lovell: Dru’s heartbroken. Dru is resentful, angry, and is making moves, I believe, from that place. I think ultimately Dru feels betrayed, and he’s looking for someone to be there for him.

Yeah. And your characters have unique relationships with Monet. So, a question for all three of you is, kind of describe that relationship with Monet and where it’s going to go in season two—starting with Daniel.

Daniel: Zeke’s relationship with Monet is going to be tested. She, just like his relationship with Carrie, there’s some boundaries that have been crossed.

She is still his aunt, and so this demand is a little bit greater than the supply and this kind of false sense of loyalty that he should just be so grateful for all her support, but he brings stuff too. So, you know that’s going to be tested.

Yeah. LaToya?

LaToya: I would say for Diana and Monet, there’s still that push-pull between the two. But, at the same time, I feel like Diana may unconsciously know that she’s testing Monet in certain ways. But, definitely, that push-pull mother-daughter drama that you have in real life. So yeah, it’ll play out beautifully.

Okay? Lovell?

Lovell: Dru is going to have to decide where his loyalty lies, and I know that sounds kind of vague, but with Monet, he looks at Monet as leader of the household and respects Mom.

When she lets him down by allowing him to be in a position to get shot and kind of in more ways than not, put things in position for that to happen, ostracizing Cane and him not being there in that muscle for us, when we needed him. He looks at Monet as a leader and says that was poor leadership.

And so, where we once saw Dru in a place of respect and reverence with Monet, there is doubt and an ultimate disappointment. But, I think for the most part, because Dru’s heart is still there at the forefront, he hopes that there can be this healing. But, there needs to be some kind of acknowledgment.

Sure. LaToya, Diana and Tariq, definitely have a bond, but Tariq’s got a million different things going on at any given time. What do you think about that relationship, and do you think there’s a future for them?

LaToya: Hmm. Ooh, that’s tricky. So, definitely, like you said, Tariq has a lot of things going on. Not only that, but he has options when it comes to the ladies. But, even if I just remove the romantic side of it, I feel like Diana has so much to learn. She can learn so much from him.

He’s been doing this way longer. I feel like with Diana, she has been rebelling. She didn’t really want to be a part of the family business. And with Tariq, he’s kind of like in it, with the decisions he’s made in the past. So, she’s definitely going to learn from him. But as far as a future, I can’t say. We shall see. Yeah.


Latoya: Sorry, I can’t give that up.

No, we’ll stay tuned. Fans love Power. They’re very vocal. And they’re very passionate about the show and about the characters. So, what have your experiences been with that, and how do you feel like your reception has been with the fans? Daniel?

Daniel: I think it’s really amazing how excited and energized people are and passionate over the drama that happens in the show. I’m still a New York city train commuter so, I’m having to hide, like put on a mask, put on a hood, dodge, and weave through the traffic. But it’s been awesome.

People are very, very excited and very, very supportive.

That’s great. Lovell?

Lovell: I had a grown man run into my arms. Listen, I’m like five, eight, all right. This man was like, at least six-three, we’re running down the street, mid-COVID, with his son. And, I don’t know if it was his sister or baby mama or whoever, ran and said, “That’s Dru!” and jumped into my arms.

He was like, “Bro. I love you on the show and da, da.” And, he was just going in, and all I could think about was, “I better get this same exact love when I go back to Toronto. I need this type of energy. If it’s not this, it’s nothing”. But, it’s been so beautiful, man.

I ride bikes all the time in New York, and so I just be on the street and at the light bumping into people be like, “Yo, that’s Dru.” And it’s been so sweet and respectful and very New York, like very much so full of love and passion and, “Bro, I really mess with you, bro.” Like, all that kind of stuff. It’s like, wow.

And, it’s black folk, and it’s white people, it’s Hispanic people. It’s just all this love. And it’s like, it means so much because the show is such a powerful show, and it’s so diverse, and it’s way ahead of its time. To see that it’s respond and people responding to it like that is like really all you ask for, you know?

Yeah. For sure. Latoya?

Latoya: Same with him. I would wear my mask because I’m a germaphobe. So, I wear my mask all the time, and then sometimes I wear shades, and a few times I’ve been recognized with the shades and mask. And one time I had to ask, I was like, “I’m sorry, can you just, how?”

I was like, “Is it my forehead? Like how do you know?” It was just crazy. And, so I love shopping. I was shopping one time, and they recognized me, so they gave me a discount, and I’m just like, “I got a job now, how come you didn’t give me a discount before?” So, I love it, I can’t complain. It’s a blessing.

Power Book II: Ghost airs on Sundays at 8/7c on STARZ. 

***This interview has been edited for length and clarity.***

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