Criminal Minds: Evolution Exclusive Sneak Peek: Snake on a Plane! Snake on a Plane!!


Things are about to get crazy on Criminal Minds: Evolution.

They’ve been teasing the possibility that Elias Voit might go into the field with the BAU all season.

Now, it’s about to come true.

We were tricked in the Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 Episode 4 promo materials with a photo of Rossi’s Voit-related mind games.

Although a photo showed Voit in the sunshine, it was just a figment of Rossi’s imagination.

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This latest development, however, is a different story. How can you tell? There are two ways.

The first is the realness dripping through it. Voit wouldn’t imagine himself the BAU unsung hero in cuffs and shackles, and Rossi already imagines him roaming free.

The second is the official episode logline, which lays it out in the open for us all to see and contemplate.

The BAU enlists Voit to help capture Jade and Damien, the UnSubs behind the Gold Star killings.

Damien and Jade get the upper hand, and the BAU must watch as Voit tries to negotiate with them to avoid a mass casualty event.

This is the real deal, you guys! Voit is on the plane and is imperative to solving the case. This is wild!

This Gold Star case has the team stymied, so much so that they’ve changed their perspective and invited a serial killer and master manipulator into their orbit.

To be fair, it’s not their change of heart but that of the director. You can see by their expressions that they are anything but pleased with the situation.

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Don’t you imagine this scene, filled with stern faces across from a lighthearted Voit, must have been fun to film?

If there was a blooper reel, it’s easy to imagine at least one of them cutting up and needing another take.

Take a look:

Snake on a plane! Snake on a plane!! There is a human snake on the plane, and he even got to say the signature line, “Wheels up!”

This screams “bad decision,” doesn’t it?

Manipulation is Voit’s game; if he can put it into action, he’ll do it.

He has tried multiple times to sway the BAU and is not too bad at it, either.

He had both JJ and Alvez sweating their time at his side in the Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 premiere, and he managed to get access to his family, too.

Reuniting with them didn’t go as he imagined, but he got what he wanted regardless.

And now, his dream of joining the team is a reality. How will Rossi take this mixed-media situation, where his visions are blurred by actuality?

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Here’s a spoiler: What you see of Voit in this scene is only the tip of the comedy iceberg.

“Conspiracy vs. Theory” is hands down the most amusing yet, all thanks to Zach Gilford’s creepy ability to make a killer funny as hell.

As always, we’ll have a full review for you tomorrow. Come back at 11 am ET to see what we think of Voit’s adventures with the BAU and a lot more!

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