Close To Me Exclusive Sneak Peek: Who Has the Monopoly on Loneliness?


We’ve got another exclusive clip of the Sundance Now series, Close to Me.

It stars Connie Nielsen as Jo Harding, a woman who suffered a terrible accident that left her missing an entire year of her memory.

Jo doesn’t have all the support she needs to piece it back together again, especially when it comes to her husband.

He’s the person she should be able to trust the most, but Rob (played with vigor by Christopher Eccleston) didn’t seem to have her back.

This clip suggests he’s still unable to give Jo what she needs.

At every turn, what Jo uncovers causes her to reconsider her marriage and relationship with Rob.

It’s not any easier reconnecting with her son, so having him close would mean a lot to her, especially since he’s floundering a bit, too.

But Rob wants him and Jo to live alone together without interference.

While it sounds like he’s eager to reconnect with his wife, it’s hard not to be skeptical of his intentions.

And then we reach the end of the clip, and you wonder if this is a flashback.

Could this be the beginning of what drove them apart?

“You don’t have the monopoly on loneliness” is a me, me, me statement.

Whether it was before or after her fall, dismissing her feelings with a self-centered comment like that isn’t right.

There’s only one episode remaining after this one, and by the end of Close to Me, the entire story will be revealed.

How will it all end?

New episodes of Close to Me drop on Sundance Now on Thursdays only on Sundance Now and AMC+.

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