Chicago Fire Spoilers: Can the Season Finale Save a Slow Season?


Gear up, Chicago Fire fans, because it’s time to say goodbye.

At least for the season, we’ll hang up our helmets and turnouts and leave Chicago’s bravest to a much-needed break.

Sadly, we’ll be saying a real goodbye to one of the show’s longest-tenured cast members.

Eamonn Walker announced his exit recently, and we’re told to expect some details about that during next week’s finale.

If you’ve been following our reviews this season, you’ll know that we haven’t been overly impressed with Chicago Fire since it returned.

But let’s be real, not much could keep me from watching.

Once you’ve invested over a decade of your life into characters, you’re basically obligated to see them through to the end.

So, while it has been a disappointing season, that doesn’t diminish the fact that the show is still great, and I’ll be back in the fall like the loyal lapdog I am.

Let’s get into it, then. What might be in store for us on Chicago Fire Season 12 Episode 13?

Based on the photos we’ve received from NBC, it looks like 51 will be dealing with a pretty stressful call.

They’re breaking out the ladder, so things are bound to be intense.

Will this be Boden’s last time on the ladder? That’s such a sad thought!

We’re also seeing what looks like a disgruntled restaurant worker/owner talking to the crew, so perhaps we’ll see another example of folks fighting against the people who are literally trying to save their lives.

Somehow, that never gets old. (Just kidding, it’s been old.)

The most exciting news we’ve gotten so far is that several of our favorite cast members who have been M.I.A. for a while are back in time for the finale.

There is no sign of Hermann yet, but Mouch, Carver, and Damon appear in the episode.

Is there a chance we’ll finally get some info on who Damon is and why he’s here?

If they’re building that suspense up for season 13, many of us will be pretty annoyed.

We’ve been waiting for the tea since Damon first appeared on Chicago Fire Season 12 Episode 10.

In the meantime, fans have been wildly speculating about Damon’s origin story and his motives for being at 51, especially since he came in immediately with lies about why he was there.

It’s a little weird that no one has questioned that, right?

Novak, whose name is apparently Lizzie and not Lyla or Rosie (thanks to the readers in the comments who helped me figure this out!), is slightly less of a mystery these days.

But we’d still like to know a little more about where she came from.

It seems doubtful that the finale will cover that, though, considering how many other storylines there are to get to first.

Last week, we caught wind of Violet’s actual feelings for Carver. Novak even teased her a little about it.

Will the finale include some movement for their relationship?

One (or both) of them facing a near-death experience could be a good inspiration for someone admitting their big feelings. They can’t stay friends with benefits forever, can they?

While we’re on relationships, let’s talk about Stellaride. Fans are more than ready for these two to take their lives to the next level and grace us with a 51 baby.

Look, I get it. Everyone wants to see Stella and Kelly sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

I’m the first to admit that I wish we saw more of their relationship on screen, especially outside the firehouse.

But I’m not so sure a baby is the right direction for their story right now. Sure, it would bring tons of drama, and Chicago Fire has been lacking in that department for a while.

It also makes sense timing-wise. Stella could accommodate a pregnancy by focusing on the Girls on Fire program instead of being in the field.

Her character would hate being tied to a desk, which would stir up many feelings in her.

Plus, with Boden leaving, Severide will feel a void in his life. Everyone will, but the Boden-Severide bond is something special.

So having a Kidd (see what I did there?) could be a way for Severide to find purpose and growth as his mentor moves on.

That said, it would be more entertaining to see the writers take a different approach.

Of course, a pregnancy or baby is an easy next step for a married couple on any show, but what if they got creative instead?

Hear me out. Stella would be a pretty incredible replacement for Boden.

No, she’s not technically next in line for a promotion like that, but she would knock it out of the park.

What if the writers finagled a way to give her Boden’s seat and used that opportunity to shake up Stellaride’s relationship (instead of using a baby for that)?

The relationship dynamic would change if Stella became Severide’s boss, especially since he’s been doing the job in the interim. It would be an excellent chance for Severide to throw his support behind Stella.

Plus, we’d get to see more of Kelly leaning on others in the house, like Hermann and Mouch, for advice.

They are old school but would still steer him in the right direction.

We’ll find out soon enough how it all plays out. Next week’s finale is sure to be soapy and emotional, with a big focus on the Boden goodbye.

The network has teased that there will be personal and professional drama for Stella and Severide, too, so we’re in for a doozy.

For now, discuss in the comments what you’d like to see in the finale, and I’ll see you next week for the big finish!

Haley Whitmire White is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. You can follow her on X.

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