Burden of Truth Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Scorched Earth


Relationships were tested on Burden of Truth Season 4 Episode 4.

While Billy and Hank made some progress in the relationship, Joanna and Luna’s relationship drifted further apart.

After some of the words that were said, it’ll take time to repair the sisters’ relationship.


The sisters disagree on the plea - Burden of Truth

Since the crown’s evidence against Joanna kept climbing, she was forced to make one of the biggest choices of her life and choose between her career and family. Being a lawyer is all Joanna knows. It’s what she excels at.

Joanna still struggles with motherhood. She loves her daughter and Billy, but family life isn’t her calling, so she struggled with taking a deal that would end her career, even if she’d be with her family.

Joanna hasn’t even renamed her daughter yet after being arrested by Officer Cassidy in Burden of Truth Season 4 Episode 3,

She’s become such a perfectionist and anxious, and she’s afraid of what her arrest will mean for her daughter.

Her name is her life. No matter what I choose, when she grows up, she’s going to find out about it, and when she has friends, they’ll find out.


Determined to prove her innocence at any cost, Joanna read old internal emails about the North Falls deal. She tried to be strong, but she almost has another panic attack reliving manipulations.

She knew working with a manipulative father wasn’t enough to prove her innocence. I felt for her. Joanna has come so far to become a more compassionate lawyer.

It took just this one case for her to doubt herself as a lawyer. She doesn’t remember everything about that case, but she knows she wouldn’t commit fraud.

Needing proof, Joanna and Luna headed to North Falls for missing files, and that’s when everything exploded.

I’ve waited so long for Joanna and Luna to have a carefree sisterly chat as they did on the trip up. It was so refreshing seeing them discuss topics like dating lawyers and Luna’s job offer.

It was over way too soon as Luna let out her resentment that they traveled down there for nothing.

She hit her sister with harsh truths but did they go too far. Did she really call Joanna a bad mom, which is her worst fear?

Joanna: Luna, if we don’t leave right now, my child could grow up without her mother.
Luna: You mean the child you almost left behind? The one you haven’t even named yet?

While the sisters fought, Hank saved the day. Billy was overwhelmed from problems with Joanna and didn’t really want to deal with his dad, but it was fun watching Hank in action.

Hank felt like has something to prove, so he became sober to help his granddaughter. In some ways, that angered Billy more since that made him feel like he wasn’t important enough to become sober.

It’s difficult for the entire family of an alcoholic as they try to heal, and the alcoholic tries to make amends.

It was fun to watch Hank charm and outsmart others until he and Billy had the name of the driver of the Oro North van. He didn’t want to let Joanna down.

My daughter-in-law asked me to do her a favor and she never asks me for anything, so I’m going do this for her.


Joanna’s been let down so many times she doesn’t know who she can trust, not even herself. Luckily, the letter proved she never had the intent to commit fraud, but Joanna had lost the respect of so many people.

Respect and the law mean everything to Joanna. With her postpartum anxiety and her career dangling, is it time for a new career?

I finally felt like Burden of Truth Season 4 was progressing.

Taylor has finally realized she’s good at her job, though she’s still hesitant to put actual roots down in Millwood. The girls that were sex trafficked remind her too much of her past.

She’s determined to find answers. When a hotel room appeared empty for three months, Taylor grew suspicious.

People don’t come here for the view. Are you keeping a second set of books?


Taylor and her partner Thorpe work well together. They get ideas based on mundane comments, which this time led them to Hatcher.

Talk about teamwork. Kip also led Owen directly to Hatcher, as only a teenager can.

Kip still wouldn’t tell Owen anything directly, and Owen made the mistake that foster parents should never make. They’re never supposed to comment on all you do for the child. It makes them like they owe the foster parents something.

With the background Kip has with his “uncle,” that’s probably how he felt.

The teen stole Owen’s truck, and Owen, like any parent, was worried and angry. I was so amused that Kip followed Hatcher and took photos of the hand-off and women being taken into the house.

Kip is so like Owen. He wants justice, and he wants Owen to be proud of him.

You did good, but you shouldn’t have done it.


I loved seeing the short scene we got together of Taylor and Luna. It would be fun if they bought a place and we’re roommates again. They need each other right now. Luna is so angry and confused about Joanna’s verdict.

Taylor needs a friend to help her work through these cases that remind her too much of her past.

What do you think, TV Fanatics? Will Joanna be disbarred? Will she and Luna be able to repair their relationship? Will Joanna and Billy ever name the baby?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and remember you can watch Burden of Truth online via TV Fanatic.

Burden of Truth airs Fridays at 8/7c on the CW.

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