Billy Bob Thornton and the Goliath Season 4 Cast Share Thoughts on the Season and Saying Goodbye


Goliath Season 4 drops on Amazon on Friday, and the whole gang got together to say goodbye to Billy McBride and friends as they slay one final giant.

Once upon a time, the pharmaceutical industry seemed beyond reproach. In the real world, thanks to the opioid crisis, they’re being called to task.

On Goliath’s final season, Billy joins Patty at a prestige law firm where they’ve got a handle on Zax Pharmaceuticals, a company knowingly prescribing dangerous opioids to people who don’t need them.

Goliath Interviews

Billy and Patty to the rescue? It’s never as easy as that. When we caught up with the cast, we asked what you can expect from the season, how hard it is to say goodbye, and more. Let’s get started.

Jena Malone joins the cast as Sam Margolis. She joins an already strong group of ladies on the show, and Sam fits into the narrative beautifully.

We asked her first thoughts after reading the scripts and how Sam relates to others on the show.

Jena discussed what it was like working with Billy Bob and how Sam complements or compares to Patty and Brittany.

Take a look.

Brandon Scott joins the show as Rob Bettencourt.

Rob and Billy work closely together, and Brandon shared what to expect from their interactions.

Brandon was already a fan of the show, so being a part of the final season was a special treat.

It’s special for us, too, as he’s the perfect barometer of what other fans will think of how Goliath Season 4 unfolds.

Watch the interview now.

For all four seasons, Tania Raymonde has played Billy’s close friend and confidante, Brittany.

One a prostitute, Brittany’s journey has been a highlight of the show as she never fails to surprise.

Tania shares her thoughts on her inspiring character and why she never gives up, even if we once thought she would have no other choice.

She also talked about welcoming the new actors and characters to the show and how it will feel to say goodbye to her Brittany, the show, and the friends she’s made along the way.

Take a look.

What would Billy McBride be without Patty Solis-Papagian? Thankfully, we’ll never need to find out.

Nina Arianda has played Patty with such intensity that it’s not surprising to hear fans calling for a spinoff.

Nina talks about what it has meant to her to play such a fantastic character and shares her thoughts on Patty and Billy’s essential friendship and partnership.

Nina also reacted to saying goodbye to the show and the cast and what fans should expect as the series draws to a close.

Watch our chat now.

It’s Billy Bob Thornton. What can you say about the Oscar-winning writer who has brought so much to audiences over the years?

Well, gushing should be expected. He’s earned it.

Billy Bob talks about the joy of portraying Billy McBride and shares his excitement over working with J.K. Simmons and his long-time friend, Bruce Dern, as their characters match wits on Goliath Season 4.

He also talks about his satisfaction with the final chapter and reveals how tackling the opioid crisis through Billy is so personal that he would have liked an extra two episodes to dig Billy’s heels in even further.

Enjoy his perspective now.

We also had the opportunity to chat with executive producer and director Lawrence Trilling and Bruce Dern.

Our phone conversations were lengthy and required a bit more care, so we’ll have them for you as you get the opportunity to watch Goliath.

We’re sure that you’ll want more insight into the final season once you’ve finished watching, so it will give you something to look forward to.

Goliath Season 4 drops on Amazon on Friday, September 24.

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