A Million Little Things Round Table: Is A Pregnant Darcy Gone for Good?!


Six months later, and life isn’t looking that much different for the AMLT gang.

The series jumped ahead on A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 6. We spent the hour catching up on where everyone was in their life, with the most shocking developments being Darcy’s pregnancy and Maggie’s stalker.

Join TV Fanatics Jack Ori, Laura Nowak, and Jasmine Blu as they discuss the hour.

A Million Little Things Round Table

How shocked are you by Darcy being pregnant by her ex? Do you think this is the last of Darcy’s storyline? How do you feel about that?

Jack: I doubt this is the last of that storyline. Gary and Darcy running into each other suggests that there’s more to it than just tying up loose ends. I hope this isn’t the end, anyway. I couldn’t help wondering how Liam was doing when Darcy said that she had Stephen spend time with him to make the transition easier.

Laura: I hope this isn’t the last of Darcy. It would be a sad send-off, and I was a huge fan of Darcy and Gary. 

Jasmine: I hope that it isn’t. I feel like there’s more to their story, but I’m also afraid of what that may be. I had such mixed feelings after seeing a pregnant Darcy. If it’s the last of her, but if the story heads in the direction I suspect, I’m not fond of that either.

Did Gina overstep by disclosing Valerie’s past incarceration with others on set?

Jack: She absolutely did. 

Studies show that 2/3 of formerly incarcerated people won’t even apply for a job if the application asks about criminal history because they’re afraid they’ll be rejected based on their past.

Valerie’s experience with the director presuming she stole that wallet reinforced her desire for people not to know.

IF the job required a background check, Valerie would have had to disclose anyway, but either way, it was Valerie’s past to disclose, not Gina’s.

Laura: Yes, it wasn’t her news to reveal, and I’m sure that will affect their friendship for a long time. 

Jasmine: I was genuinely puzzled by how aloof Gina was to that.

We’ve known Gina to be more conscientious, so it blew my mind that she would disclose that type of information, even well-intended, and never once think of the ramifications of it on Valerie.

I wondered if Valerie had to share that information with them before they took the job, but Gina was still out of line to share all of that. On top of it, she didn’t even tell Valerie that’s what she did. Valerie was blindsided.

What’s your impression of Gina’s relationship with her father?

Jack: I had no idea that Gina was so distant from her father until this episode.

I get the sense that he tries but doesn’t know how to connect with Gina and that Gina is forever trying to push more of a connection than exists.

Laura: I don’t think we knew much about Gina and her dad before. Like Jack Said, I think their relationship expectations are on different levels. 

Jasmine: We didn’t know much about her father before. Gina rarely referenced him, so it was unexpected how he showed up, and he was nothing as I imagined.

You could feel the strain in their connection, and they don’t come across close at all. I’m curious about where their storyline could go, as I didn’t get a feel for it during his brief appearance.

What are your thoughts on Sophie’s statements about the adults in her life letting her down and Eddie’s assistance? 

Jack: I’m not surprised Sophie feels this way. She’s had a lot of trauma in her young life. I wish Maggie was still staying with Sophie. Sophie needs someone to talk to who knows how to help.

Laura: Sophie has been hurt by so many adults in her life. I liked how Eddie reacted since the two of them used to be close, and maybe he could help her. I do wonder where Sophie will live.

Jasmine: Sophie isn’t wrong about the adults in her life letting her down. She’s in this exciting place where she’s not a kid anymore, but she isn’t entirely an adult like the others either. Yet, she’s blending into the adult group in refreshing ways. 

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed her interactions with Eddie. I think the adults all give her different things that she may need, and this time, Eddie showed her some grace and was someone to vent to who didn’t make her feel like a screwup.

I also miss Sophie and Maggie, but I didn’t mind this at all.

What’s your first impression of Cam and his and Maggie’s relationship? Did you buy his reasoning for not going out? 

Jack: I’m not sure how I feel about Cam yet. He seems… weird, for lack of a better word.

If he’s a semi-celebrity, he should be used to people recognizing him on the street. I don’t see that as a valid reason not to go out at all.

Laura: Cam is OK. We need to see more before I form an opinion. 

Jasmine: I’m also in the “meh” camp. He didn’t pop, and we didn’t get a decent read on him. I’m indifferent right now.

The whole thing with him not wanting to go out because of his semi-celebrity was bizarre, and I didn’t buy that excuse at all. With Maggie’s luck, there’s something off about this man.

Will Rome and Cassandra’s new friendship remain platonic, or do you have concerns about where it’s headed in Gina’s absence? 

Jack: Everyone on Facebook seems to have concerns, but this just seemed like a platonic friendship to me. I didn’t get a romantic vibe from it, and it’s not like Gina is gone indefinitely with no communication.

Plus, Rome and Gina are my favorite couple, and I would hate it if Rome cheated on her. 

Laura: I didn’t get a romantic vibe either, and I’d also hate to wreck Rome and Regina. 

Jasmine: I felt like they were at least entertaining the idea of something, and they were building up enough to make viewers worry. Rome and Gina have barely gotten to spend time with or speak to each other while she was gone. It’s something Rome complained about for a bit.

Rome and Cassandra seemed friendly, but it could’ve gone either way. I don’t know. I wouldn’t be surprised with this series if Rome entertained the idea for a fleeting second because of everything going on and how distant he feels from Gina. The show loves the drama.

They’re the only couple I have left, and they’ve been my untouchable pairing, so I don’t want anything coming between them.

What was your favorite storyline, and is there anything else you’d like to share?

Jack: I’m curious about who Maggie’s stalker will turn out to be and whether that woman who stopped her on the street is involved.

I missed Katherine! I wanted to see more of her and Sharice, and it would have been fun for her to catch up with Darcy on-screen.

I liked Eddie supporting Sophie and using his own mistakes to help her not make similar ones.

But there was one story I didn’t like much at all, and that was Gary driving around with the kid who now owns his first car. I didn’t find it realistic that the kid would let some stranger who was acting weird into his car at all.

I know the point was for Gary to be nostalgic and realize he couldn’t relive his past, but I didn’t enjoy these scenes and found them annoying.

Laura: the only thing I really enjoyed was Eddie and Sophie. I really missed them interacting. This was a weak episode, and it was hard to find stuff I enjoyed. 

Jasmine: Yeah, I agree that it was a weaker episode with a bunch of filler. I enjoyed the Eddie and Sophie bits, but I thought the Gary thing was stupid and a waste of time.

I would’ve preferred more information about Peter. Did they drop the investigation into him, or what?

Over to you, AMLT Fanatics. Do you agree with our table? Hit the comments below.

A Million Little Things returns November 17 on ABC.

Jasmine Blu is a senior staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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