90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 6 Episode 16 Review: Tell-All Part 1


Angela Deem.

That’s a name I want to forget after 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 6 Episode 16.

I’m going to be honest. I was going to cover this season, but many of these couples are just so toxic that I put off watching it for as long as possible.

The initial allure of the franchise was the rotation of couples, but for some reason, TLC thinks we want to see the same couples across every single show in the franchise.

Let’s get back to Angela. If you watch 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? online, you know she’s one of the most outspoken reality TV personalities out there.

In her prime, she made for good TV, but somewhere along the way, her treatment of Michael has somehow gotten worse, and she’s no longer fun to watch.

Her new look blatantly seemed like a redemption arc to bring her back into good graces with the fans, but after witnessing her threaten Michael with divorce, ask to track his phone, and everything else she’s done, it’s time for the franchise to evolve and stop rewarding bad behavior.

One thing that irked me the most was that she accepted the ride home from the doctor without telling her husband. A week had passed, and I could only imagine the uproar if the roles were reversed.

If Michael doesn’t answer the phone or says he’s busy, she’s quick to point the finger and accuse him of cheating. She gaslights him, plain and simple.

The incident with the psychic solidified that. I know she has so much confidence after her surgery and weight loss, but I don’t think the workers on the tell-all are paid enough to have someone expose their breasts in the studio … in front of everyone.

Yes, Angela wanted to make a statement to Michael’s family, but did she really need to stoop that low?

Michael can do so much better than Angela. He should find someone that doesn’t combat his every word and someone who actually respects his family.

Angela does make for good TV, but she also makes for toxic TV, and it’s high time the franchise opted not to reward bad behavior.

As for Natalie, I tried so many times to understand her stance, but every single time there was a glimmer of an issue between her and Michael, she rushed off without confronting it.

How is a relationship supposed to work when there’s a lack of communication? In this case, Michael and Natalie were always destined for doom. Every single time a difficult conversation was on the horizon, she was nowhere to be found.

And while Trish would like the world to believe she didn’t have anything to do with the breakdown of the relationship, she did. Trish knew straight away there was something off about Natalie, and she couldn’t shake it.

Maybe Trish could tell this would end in heartbreak and wanted to shield her son.

Natalie living in Florida was a surprise. She moved so far away from Mike that there was no way they could repair their relationship.

The wider issue with Natalie was the allegations she made about people. We knew about her saying Mike’s mom called her a hooker. That’s an inflammatory accusation that could ruin someone’s life, but Natalie was not open to understanding that Trish said “cooker.”

What the tell-all confirmed was that Natalie wanted everyone to think she was a victim. The hooker comment was one thing, but saying that Uncle Beau stole her jewelry was something else.

Trish being on the set was a real shocker, and Natalie clearly realized no one felt sorry for her, so she apologized to Trish. I half-expected Trish to slap her for everything that happened. You never know with this show.

For all intents and purposes, Natalie and Mike are over, and given the rumors, Natalie has been filming for The Single Life, there’s a good chance they will end their marriage officially very soon.

Natalie concealing the fact that she had left Mike took me by surprise. Didn’t her mom notice that it was way sunnier whenever Natalie video called her?

There was never any sun in Sequim.

All of the other couples took a backseat during the first part of the Tell-All but having them comment on the events playing out made this one of the juiciest episodes in a while.

Jovi exposing Natalie was comical because she desperately wanted everyone to believe that she was playing this devoted wife. I did feel bad when Julia went off on Natalie about whether she would return to Ukraine now that her marriage is over.

Natalie had already been berated multiple times throughout the episode, and she didn’t need Julia to kick her when she was down.

Julia loves to comment on other people’s lives, and it’s part of the reason why she’s been in trouble so many times despite her short tenure with the franchise.

Did anyone else pick up on Angela getting close to Mike? Could you imagine these two ended up together? They both have such complicated personalities that you know they’d clash!

Your thoughts on the first half of the tell-all?

Are you surprised about Mike and Natalie?

Do you think it’s time for the show to stop bringing people back for 19 seasons in a row?

Hit the comments.

The final airs Sunday, August 22 on TLC.

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