4400 Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Give Up The Ghost


There’s nothing like a storm to raise the stakes and infuse an episode of television with some dramatic tension.

On 4400 Season 1 Episode 10, there were so many beautiful character scenes, as well as some mysteries finally uncovered — not to mention Jharrel flashbacks!

It was one of the series’ strongest outings so far and promises more excitement and drama to come.

Hard times have a way of lingering.


Nearly all of the episode’s scenes were two-handers, many of them unlikely pairings. This show does best when it focuses on the characters, how they deal with each other’s humanity, and how they relate to one another. It was a testament to the talent of this relatively young and new-to-television cast.

For instance — the bromance we didn’t know we needed! Andre and Logan teamed up, blew up a door, and generally got along really well. They make such a fun, oddball pair, and their scenes were an enjoyable, lighthearted contrast to some of the heavier material this episode brought up.

Andre and Logan are both caring, considerate guys — they’d have to be to win Shanice’s heart — and there’s clearly a lot of respect there, regardless of how things shook out with their strange, century-spanning love triangle.

But to that point, does Logan really still not believe the 4400 have traveled through time? You’d think he’s have come to terms with it by now. But hey, at least he’s still doing all he can to help out, even if he doesn’t fully comprehend what exactly is going on with them.

Speaking of Shanice, her video chat with Mariah was so heartfelt and moving. (I won’t lie, tears were shed!)

Shanice and Mariah have had to navigate so much within the 4400 experience. They haven’t had the space to explore what their relationship could be — until now.

Sophia Echendu and Brittany Adebumola showed such an intimate connection, despite never actually being in the same room. Mariah’s confession was a surprise, but it tracks with how we’ve heard her speak about Mildred before this. 

Maybe this is who we can be to each other.


It was generous of Mariah to give Shanice that honor, and Shanice accepted it beautifully. Every teen should feel this acceptance when coming out to their loved ones.

We have to trust each other in the storm yet to come, Mildred.


Claudette and Mildred are back!

Claudette’s reaction to Mildred’s loss of powers is telling. Claudette didn’t give much away, but she definitely clocked that Rev is much more dangerous than he’s letting on. Claudette has never trusted the Reverend — considering her past, that’s totally understandable.

It’s honestly awesome that Claudette is such an unapologetic anarchist, ready to stir things up as necessary. Mildred doesn’t take much convincing either. Together, these two could do some serious damage — in the best way possible.

Mildred is still a bit of a loose cannon. It might be a good thing she hasn’t got her powers at the moment. What would she have done to Claudette with those scissors? And what is it that triggered her so about the haircut?

I hate everything that happened after the green light — and everything before.


What do you know? A classic “odd couple stuck in a broken elevator” scene!

It would seem contrived, but Ireon Roach and Derrick A. King were such a dynamic pair to stick together in a tight space that it made for one of the most powerful sequences of the episode.

Keisha did well, talking the Reverend through a panic attack, only to have him turn on her when he mentioned conversion therapy. She shut him down immediately and gave him a stern, impassioned lecture about the importance of gay pride and how most religions are much more accepting these days.

It was incredibly satisfying to witness. The contempt just seethed out of her when she realized this was why the Reverend had not been in contact with his son. Whether she got through to him or not remains to be seen, but this might be the impetus the Reverend needs to reach out to his son finally.

Finally, we have answers about Jharrel’s brother, Manny. Through Jharrel’s flashbacks, we got to see the relationship of the two brothers during COVID, and why Manny was so important to Jharrel.

It started out fairly tense — Manny clearly had more issues with their father than Jharrel. But Jharrel cared for his brother — literally — though it wasn’t always easy. Through it all, they communicated with each other and finally came to an understanding. Unfortunately, it was all ripped away by the green light.

It all makes sense now, with the clocks written in on the hotel walls, and Hayden’s message in 4400 Season 1 Episode 1. Manny’s ability (as some had predicted already) is invisibility.  Whoever or whatever gave Manny this ability knew what they were doing.

Manny has a brilliant mind, studying some potentially reality-altering science that the government desperately wants to know. Giving him the power of invisibility means he can stay under the radar and show up only to those who he wants to see him.

Maybe Manny has answers about where the 4400 went, how they traveled through time, and why they have superpowers. If anyone among them knows, it would be him.

Jharrel’s detainment scenes with the noise torture were absolutely brutal. But Jharrel stood his ground, especially when he realized Agent Tanner was bluffing.

Thank goodness Soraya isn’t a traitor! That’s a relief. Not only that, but she helped Jharrel with the clues. It was a very roundabout way of communicating, but Manny knew Jharrel would get there eventually.

A mysterious new company, BHN, has taken a vested interest in the 4400, even going so far as to buy the Bois Blanc hotel. Shanice doesn’t even seem to know what they do or what BHN stands for. Could they have something to do with why the returnees went missing in the first place?

Writer Bradley Estrin-Banks did a phenomenal job on this episode. Every actor was elevated — some even in an actual elevator! LaDonna and Hayden are still nowhere to be seen, but hopefully, they’ll show their faces in Episode 11 and remain here on out.

Where does the 4400 go from here? What are your theories, Fanatics? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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